‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: “Grass on the Streets” Finale

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10
Kevin Costner stars in ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 episode 10, the season finale (Photo Credit: Paramount Network)

Paramount Network’s Yellowstone season four episode 10 – the season finale – begins with Beth (Kelly Reilly) packing her clothes in the middle of the night and Rip (Cole Hauser) waking from a sound sleep to ask what she’s up to. John’s disappointment and disgust over her actions and his subsequent suggestion she move on have cut deep, and Beth admits she’s not exactly sure where she’s heading or how long she’ll be gone.

Beth believes her dad no longer wants her on the Yellowstone and she’s not about to stay where she’s not welcome. Rip assures her he wants her and asks her to stop packing. “I thought we made a promise to each other,” says Rip. If she leaves, things will never be the same. The ranch and her dad could be gone, and if they’re gone so is he. Rip warns that if she breaks her promise now, then it stays broken.

Beth does the right thing and wakes her dad, apologizing for the way she treated Summer. John (Kevin Costner) explains there aren’t rules when it comes to their enemies, but Summer’s not an enemy. Beth agrees it’s his ranch and his rules. “I fight how you say fight,” says Beth, and then quietly asks if she can stay.

John says she doesn’t need his permission but Beth believes she does. John gives his permission and says he’ll always love her.

Before leaving for work, Beth stops by the barn. As she passes Carter (Finn Little) he casually says, “Morning, momma.” She responds, “Hey, baby,” and then comes to a complete stop. She tells Carter not to call her that and he confesses he said it since he doesn’t have a mom. Beth explains she’s his friend, not his mother. “I’m nobody’s mother, ever. You got it?” asks Beth.

Carter cries and she warns him that won’t help the situation.

Rip and the men are preparing to ride out when Beth approaches Walker (Ryan Bingham) to ask about prison. She wants to know if visitors are allowed and if there can be conjugal visits. Walker says that’s possible. Beth reveals what’s really on her mind when she asks how she can get a weapon (that doesn’t look like a weapon) into jail. Walker suggests using hairpins and to distract the guards so they don’t notice her hair.

Rip rides up after Beth walks away and Walker explains they were talking about prison. Walker nails it when he says, “I think she wants to kill somebody.”

Rip swears Walker to silence and then chases down Beth. She claims she’s doing one last thing before the newly reformed version of herself takes over. Rip reminds her he’ll take care of whatever she needs, but Beth’s set on seeing this through herself. She drives off after telling Rip she loves him.

Meanwhile, Kayce’s (Luke Grimes) vision quest continues and he’s a shivering mass wrapped up in a fur blanket. The hours pass as he shakes and becomes one with nature.

Over in the bunkhouse, the guys play poker and Mia’s still around and has joined the game. Mia gets the best of them and Laramie – who’s also still hanging around – cheers for her friend. Ryan (Ian Bohen) says what the audience is thinking and reminds the women they’ve been fired and aren’t supposed to be on the ranch.

The discussion over whether Laramie and Mia aren’t allowed in the bunkhouse is ongoing when Jimmy (Jefferson White) arrives fresh from the 6666 Ranch. They invite him into the game and he introduces Emily to his buddies. Mia offers up a look that could kill as Jimmy explains Emily is his fiancee. Mia jumps up and punches Jimmy in the face, and Emily responds in kind, punching Mia in the face. The fight escalates and the cowboys not only sit back and watch, but also begin placing bets on who will emerge as the winner.

They’re pretty evenly matched and the fight ends without a clear winner. Jimmy hauls Mia off Emily, and Emily makes light of the fight and asks for some whiskey. Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) compliments her style and Emily pulls up a chair and joins the poker game.

Once outside Jimmy reminds Mia, again, she’s not supposed to be there and that she told him they were finished if he left. He met Emily, fell in love, and – unlike Mia – she chose to come with him when he had to return to the Yellowstone. Jimmy believes he’s grown up while he was in Texas and when Mia demands he choose her or Emily, Jimmy’s silence speaks volumes.

John walks up after Mia leaves and says he didn’t want to interrupt their discussion. Jimmy laughs and says he wished John had interrupted.

Jimmy shows John the horse they just purchased and John’s impressed though he admits he doesn’t know how to determine if a horse has talent or heart. John asks about the 6666 trailer and Jimmy says his fiancee will drive it back to Texas. John wonders if Jimmy will be heading back to Texas with her, and Jimmy says he plans to work off what he owes and then figure it out.

John jokes it’ll take 75 years to pay off his debt and Jimmy assures him he’ll pay him what he owes. “The only person you owe is yourself, Jim,” says John. He extends his hand, they shake, and John indicates his debt has been paid. Jimmy can decide for himself what he wants to do, and John informs him there will always be a place for him at the Yellowstone.

Kayce’s dead brother Lee (a very brief welcome back to Dave Annable) appears to him in a vision and asks Kayce to let him help. Kayce refuses his offer and won’t break the circle, and the vision alters into an angry Lee screaming in Kayce’s face. Lee transforms into Avery and she kisses his face, assuring him it’s just a dream. Kayce jolts completely awake and hears a wolf howl from somewhere nearby.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10
Cole Hauser in ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 episode 10 (Photo Credit: Paramount Network)

The following morning the guys work the herd and Jimmy impresses everyone with his new roping skills. Lloyd and Rip are pleasantly surprised Jimmy went off and became a cowboy.

Beth’s at work when Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) reveals that although she’s an effective nuisance to outsiders, Beth’s violation of all of the terms of her contract has resulted in her termination. She’s sure Beth’s committed corporate espionage by calling the New York Times, and Caroline reminds Beth they own the NY Times’ building. Caroline threatens to subpoena Summer and the reporter’s call records but Beth appears unfazed.

Caroline’s done pussyfooting around; the battle has become personal. She reveals she’s willing to spend whatever it takes to put a public restroom where the Dutton house now stands. “I am going to chop down every tree and dam every creek. I am going to rape your f**king ranch to death. And you, you little b**ch, are going to prison,” snarls Caroline.

John pays a visit to his friend Judge Mitchell Davis to discuss Summer Higgins. The talk doesn’t start off well as the judge appears determined to make Summer spend time in jail. He confirms he’s asked both sides to bring him a plea agreement “with some weight,” but gives a little when he says John speaking on her behalf also has weight.

Mitch informs John that Summer will be going to prison. The only question is how much time she’ll serve.

Beth shows up at the prison and has somehow managed to set up a conjugal visit with Terrell Riggins (Bruno Amato). Terrell’s confused but accepts the visit rather than return to his cell.

Beth looks stunning in a low-cut gold lame dress and thigh-high boots. She’s got her hair pinned in an updo and after some small talk, she reveals she’s one of the Duttons. Terrell claims it was just a job; an order for a hit came in and he set up who would handle it. He also reveals he’s already spoken to a lawyer about this, and then confirms the lawyer was Jamie when Beth shows him her brother’s photo.

Beth moves in inches from his face and asks Terrell if he realizes he’ll die in jail. She thinks he’ll eventually figure out his life has been an utter waste and that the world would have been better off without him.

Back at the Yellowstone, Emily and Laramie enjoy Ryan and Colby’s good-natured exchange of putdowns while watching Teeter and the guys rope cattle. Laramie cheers on Walker while Colby (Denim Richards) and Ryan remind her they’re not watching an actual rodeo.

Everyone’s having a good time and even Rip’s in a decent mood as he warns Colby and Ryan not to drink everything in the cooler. The comedy duo of Colby and Ryan watch Jimmy rope and can’t get over his skills. “I don’t understand the world anymore,” says Ryan. “Dogs are purring, cats are barking…I don’t understand anything,” adds Colby.

They drink beer and can’t figure out how to respond when the “barrel racing-girl” calls them crazy.

It’s been a good day for the cowboys and Jimmy confesses to Lloyd he’d like to string days like this together from here on out. Jimmy thinks that would be easier to do in Texas since no one there’s fighting to shut down the ranch. Outsiders are making it too tough to just concentrate on work in Montana.

Jimmy knows he can be a cowboy but he’s not a fighter. Lloyd gives him a hug, realizing they’re about to part ways for good. He wishes Jimmy good luck and, alone, Jimmy looks around the ranch that’s been his home for years.

Rip and John haven’t heard from Beth and are obviously worried when she walks into the big house. She’s still wearing the gold dress but has taken her hair, which was secured with a lethal-looking pin, down. She apologizes for her absence and asks everyone to step outside.

Beth’s grabbed a priest and wants to get married immediately. She tells her dad she needs to do something the following day and wants to be married when she does it. John asks her to slow down, reminding her they’re not Catholic. Beth doesn’t care.

Rip calls her crazy but says he’ll do it right now if that’s what will make her happy. He asks for a minute to grab two things. One of them is Lloyd who he grabs from the bunkhouse as the cowboys are debating whether chili should be made with beans.

Lloyd’s shocked but happy for his friend and honored to be Rip’s best man. John’s upset about Beth’s attire but she assures him she won’t be in the dress for long.

John stops their walk down the makeshift aisle to ask his daughter to let him do this again the proper way sometime in the future. Beth agrees.

The priest makes the ceremony short and sweet, and Beth and Rip exchange their vows. Rip changes the wording a bit, but Beth doesn’t even make it through the vows before she says I do and pulls Rip in for a kiss. The priest asks about rings and Rip reveals the second thing he grabbed – his mother’s wedding ring.

John pays the priest as Beth and Rip hug. It’s only when he’s thanking the priest that John learns Beth kidnapped the man using a pistol. The priest promises not to press charges but does need a ride back into town. “Jesus Christ,” says John and then remembers who’s standing in front of him and adds, “Excuse me, Father.”

Once more to Kayce we go and he wakes with frost on his mustache and a wolf watching from close by. It runs off when he asks what it wants. He has a flashback to his time in the military and walking through the snow with Bravo 1. They came under fire and were pinned down by the enemy, and suddenly the flashback’s cut off when Kayce’s jarred awake to the sound of multiple wolves howling.

Back in town, Summer (Piper Perabo) goes on trial and John’s in the audience as the attorneys approach the bench with their plea agreement. John and Summer have a hurried conversation and John explains that even though it’s not what her lawyer agreed to, the judge could make her serve time.

John thinks she’d be better off going before a jury, but Summer does what her lawyer suggested and changes her plea to guilty. The judge gives her a lengthy sentence, contrary to what the lawyers agreed to. If she’s a model inmate she can be eligible for parole in 14 years.

Her lawyer promises to appeal the sentence and Summer grabs John in a tight hug. He warns her to get her head in the right place and be ready for a long fight.

John barges into Judge Davis’ chambers, angry he sent an unnecessarily cruel message with Summer’s sentence. Davis claims to have followed the letter of the law and John says, “There’s a difference between what’s legal and what’s just.”

Judge Davis is convinced he’s in the right but John points out he basically just told his own voting base – the future of the country – to go f**k themselves.

They calm down and have a drink, and John tells Mitch what he expects him to do next. When Summer appeals, Mitch will suspend the felonies and reduce the trespassing sentence. That will lower her sentence to just eight months which John thinks will be hell for Summer.

Mitch reluctantly agrees. They discuss what the world will look like in 100 years and John confesses he doesn’t think humans will last that long.

And, finally, the showdown arrives between the Dutton siblings. Beth pays a visit to Jamie (Wes Bentley) at his office and he congratulates her on marrying Rip. She explains she knows he was behind the attack and tells him to log onto the Bureau of Prisons website. However, she decides to do it herself and when he attempts to push her away from his computer, she slugs him in the face and whips out a gun.

Things have escalated to the point where Beth assures her brother she’s ready to ruin her life right now and kill him if she has to. Beth types in Terrell Riggins’ name and Jamie realizes how much his sister has discovered about the attack. Jamie confesses he visited Terrell to find out if Garrett was involved and that Garrett only admitted he was after he asked him at gunpoint.

Beth demands to know why Jamie didn’t kill his biological dad but then answers the question herself. She believes Jamie’s always wanted his family dead. Beth thinks Garrett wants what everyone who attacks them wants – their land.

Beth gives Jamie two options. 1) She’ll tell John, he’ll call the governor, Jamie and Garrett will be arrested, and Garrett will place the blame on Jamie. Jamie will spend his life in jail, although Beth thinks that will be short since he’ll likely commit suicide.

Option 2) Rip will kill Garrett. She’ll then inform Rip that Jamie “had his child cut from” her belly and then had her sterilized. Rip will understand this is why he can’t have a family of his own and will hunt Jamie to the ends of the earth.

“Wouldn’t you like to know which option I picked?” asks Beth as she turns her back and prepares to leave.

Jamie gets down on his knees and begs his sister to wait. She informs him there’s a third option…

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10
Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton in ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 episode 10 (Photo Credit: Paramount Network)

Of course, just as tension amps up the story flips to Kayce’s vision quest before Beth spells out option three. (I’m sorry but Kayce’s storyline is the weakest link in the finale and doesn’t seem to have much of a point.) Kayce sees a young Native American who asks him to go through the doors and stand on the cliff. He does as told and finds two paths; he must choose which way to go.

He wakes to find Mo sitting next to him, telling him it’s time to go home.

Kayce returns home and tells Monica he saw “the end of us.”

Back at the Yellowstone, the guys line up to say goodbye to Jimmy and Emily. Teeter says something unintelligible, Jimmy gets a hug from Colby and Ryan, and Walker asks him to say hi to the guys in Texas for him.

Lloyd walks off after tipping his hat; it’s too difficult for him to say goodbye.

Rip walks a few steps away with Jimmy and reminds him he always has a place there. Rip also tells Jimmy he’s proud of him.

Jamie arrives back at his new place and finds Garrett seated by the creek that runs through the property. Garrett’s packed up and ready to head out, but he’s worried the Duttons will always use Jamie’s fear against him.

Garrett talks about all that Jamie has and says being with his son for the last few months has made his entire life worth it. “Don’t you let those f**king Duttons deceive you into thinking you’re a bad man,” says Garrett, adding that he loves him.

Garrett’s looking at the creek when Jamie says, “I love you too, dad,” and shoots him once in the head.

Jamie breaks down crying with his dead father slumped less than a foot away.

Hours later Jamie drives through the dark to dump Garrett’s body at the “train station” in Wyoming. Beth beats him there and surprises her brother by snapping a photo of Jamie lugging Garrett’s dead body out of his car. “You should have picked options one or two. Three’s going to be worse,” warns Beth.

“You’re f**king mine now,” she hisses.

Beth returns to the Yellowstone in the morning and John’s waiting outside. She hints at what she’s been up to and John asks her to speak to him straight. He thinks she killed Jamie or did something to make him permanently part ways with the family. Even though he’s tried not to, John confesses he loves the man he raised.

Beth explains that they now own Jamie.

Beth heads off to sleep as Carter arrives with two horses. John’s not in the mood and doesn’t see the point and Carter says it’s just supposed to be fun. He says Rip told him that one day no one will ride, and John finally rises and joins Carter for a ride. Carter races off but John pauses for a bit before following him toward the forest.

And that’s it for season four. The season finale didn’t bring closure to the Market Equities storyline but now that Jamie’s firmly in his dad’s pocket, things could get dicey for the airport deal. Kayce’s season four storyline ended with a whimper rather than a bang, and Beth finally got the revenge on Jamie that she’s been after for decades. Will it be enough to heal her wounds? Probably not. Beth’s not one to forgive and forget.