Joel McHale to Host the White House Correspondents Dinner

Joel McHale
Joel McHale (Photo: Frank Ockenfels)
Community star and all-around funny guy Joel McHale has been tapped to host the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner set to take place on Saturday, May 3rd. The annual dinner with the President, the First Lady, and journalists who cover the White House will once again be televised on C-SPAN.
“We’re thrilled that Joel will headline the dinner when we celebrate our centennial,” stated WHCA president Steven Thomma. “He’s sharp, funny, and just the type of comic who can navigate the unique challenge of our dinner, making fun of Democrats, Republicans and especially the news media. Washington can use a little good-natured ribbing.”
Proceeds raised at the event will help fund scholarships for aspiring journalists.
Details on the WHCA: “Founded in 1914 to represent the White House press corps, the association marks its centennial this year. It works to maintain independent news media coverage of the president, advocating for access, handling logistics for pools of reporters who stay close to the president and those who travel with him, and providing scholarships to journalism students.”
Source: WHCA
-Posted by Rebecca Murray

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