Ellen Page and Kate Mara are ‘Tiny Detectives’ in This New Funny or Die Video

Ellen Page stands 5’1″ and Kate Mara is just 5’2″ and together they’re ‘Tiny Detectives’ in Funny or Die’s new spoof of True Detective. Not everyone was happy after hearing season two of the critically acclaimed HBO series would star Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, with rumors circulating before the casting announcement that at least one lead would be a female. Funny or Die had their own ideas as to who should star in the second season and created this spoof with two women in the lead roles.

Page and Mara play detectives who can’t reach upper shelves, who can’t drive because they can’t reach the gas pedal, and who are unable to see the face of a perp because they’re being blocked by tall people during a police briefing.

-By Rebecca Murray

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