91 Winning Photos Make the Cut for Project Imaginat10n

Canon U.S.A. and Ron Howard announced the 91 winning photographs in the Project Imaginat10n contest, with New Orleans resident Jennifer Harris’ “Unparalled” photo given the special honor of being named the Discovery Theme winner. The winning photos will be used in short films to be directed by Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter), Georgina Chapman, James Murphy (founder of LCD Soundsystem), and five other soon-to-be-named directors.

After the public voted on the submitted photos, Ron Howard chose Harris’ photo to be the “thematic tie across the celebrities’ films.” Each of the celebrity directors will now pick one photo from each of the nine categories for a total of ten photos to be used in their short films. All of the photos can be seen at imagination.usa.canon.com.

Announcing the winners, Ron Howard stated: “In choosing ‘Unparalled’ for the Discovery category, it was important that I picked an image that was tremendously imaginative, visually fantastic and thematically pliable so that it could give the filmmakers a lot of possibilities to inspire an element of mystery and suspense. Moments of discovery are often what you remember most in a film.”

Howard will serve as a mentor to the celebrity directors, helping them as they create their short films. “I am so passionate about the integrity and user-generated process of ‘Project Imaginat10n’ where our celebrity directors can be directly inspired by photographers from all across the country,” said Ron Howard. “As we selected the photographs, I was blown away by the beauty, perspective and intrigue that they conveyed, and was thrilled that so many people wanted to once again take part in this exciting artistic experiment.”

All of the celebrity directors are in the process of selecting the photos they’ll use to tell their stories. The completed short films will premiere at a special “Project Imaginat10n” Film Festival.

The Winning Photos:

Predator – Misty Fugate of Sale Creek, TN
Cleansing – David Pavlina of Lake Zurich, IL
Pause – Kayla Rice of Brattleboro, VT
Dry Dock – Danielle Austen of Hillsborough, NJ
Memories – J.W. Hendricks of Orlando, FL
Cornish Pigs – Beth Gardner of Peabody, MA
Tony the horse – Kamran Khan of New York, NY
Rest Easy – Grace Lankford of Hummelstown, PA
Wash Up – Susie Conley of San Francisco, CA
Fires be damned! – Melissa Wollenberg of Littleton, CO

Foggy Morning – Omalix Martinez of Orlando, FL
Nostalgic Light – Tim Braun of Heber, UT
Manhattan’s Many Moons – Damon Colquhoun of New York, NY
Too Many Shows to Show – Brent Williams of Delray Beach, FL
Patch Me Through – Walter Arnold of Hendersonville, NC
Time to go our separate ways – Daniel Bajusz of Oakland, CA
Anytime…Night or Day – Kim Fitzsimmons of Holt Summit, MO
Five More Minutes, Please – Mike Alcoran of Buena Park, CA
Morning – Sandra Rouse of Colorado Springs, CO
Well Worn – Gigi Embrechts of Littleton, CO

Torn – Danielle Torres of Brooklyn, NY
Her throne was magic – Brittany Johnson of Edmond, OK
Do you know me? – Sacha Sanborn of Columbus, OH
The Bride – Michael Harris of Miami, FL
Tyrant – Brad Wagner of Missoula, MT
Moving On – Dick Pitini of Powatan, VA
Everythings Magic – Nicole Matthews of Rocky River, OH
Plague Doctor Mask Portrait – Daivd Pritchard of Austin, TX
The Collector – Mary Beth Koeth of Miami Beach, FL
Archduchess Antoinette – Michael Rosner of Burbank, CA

Whale Kite – Vonelle Swanson of Lincoln City, OR
Gone fishin – Richard Waters of Broken Arrow, OK
Sharing a Smoke – Marcellus Nealy of Cleveland, OH
Self Portrait of Henry Jekyll – Michael Bilotta of Worcester, MA
Let My Machine Talk To Me – Heather Evans Smith of Winston-Salem, NC
Twins – Nicholas Scarpinato of Stafford, VA
Fly – Rachel Procell of Natchitoches, LA
My Mom – Patricia Whited of Norcross, GA
People Making Out in Bushwick – Laura Kirsch of Brooklyn, NY
A Boy and His Dog – Robin Fryday of Novato, CA

Lost In Blue – Sammie Saxon of Columbus, GA
Come What May – Tanya Musgrave of Candler, NC
Star Lily – Susan Conner of Altaville, CA
The Treasure – MarySue Price of Buzzards Bay, MA
creep – Jennifer Wall of Chesapeake, VA
Alone – Brian Pflanz of Somersworth, NH
upon being rejected – Ruby Del Angel of Sanger, TX
Bright Eye – Ryan Waneka of Colorado Springs, CO
Angst – Emily Hunteman of Austin, TX
Little Girl and the Storm – Theresa McManus of Gilbert, AZ

Blue Ridge Mountains – Rob Woodcox of Livonia, MI
The Way home – Rory Sagner of Yelm, WA
The Long Walk – Mike Marin of Brooklyn, NY
Spinning Fire – Andy Wheeler of Elmira, NY
From Above – Adam Johnson of Lombard, IL
Escapes – Zach Isaacson of Spokane, WA
Baptismal – Ryan Weiss of Wilkes-Barre, PA
Foggy Lake Take Off – Steven Hatch of Idaho Falls, ID
Umbrellas At Night – Steven Thompson of Mt Horeb, WI
Tourist View – Dave Ballis of Pinellas Park, FL

Dedication – Ed Ziehm of Fort Myers, FL
Joy! – Michaela Calanchini of San Francisco, CA
Hallway of Haystacks – Renee Vaughter-Delaware of Cottonwood, AZ
Protect at all Cost – Amy Larson of Mendota VA
Ava Admiring Baby Chick – Tim VanBrackle of Daytona Beach, FL
Bound By the Shoe – Nicole Andrews of Springfield, MO
Determined – Sal Rodriguez of St Clair Shores, MI
Have I Missed Something? – Carl Williams of Chesapeake, VA
Don’t let go! – Vincent Lee of Ijamsville, MD
Alli’s Dreams – Debra Vickers of Charleston, WV

A Cry for Help – Tavis Glover of Honolulu, HI
Forgotten Tale – Phil Koch of Milwaukee, WI
Hot Embers – Reid Collins of Eau Claire, WI
Quiet Before the Storm – Nicki Aguirre of Woodbridge, VA
Space is just a memory… – Chad Kiraly of Jacksonville, FL
The Giant Chandelier – Cahill Taft of Newport, RI
The Ice Man Cometh – Wesley Wong of San Francisco, CA
The Sharing Game – Brooke Shaden of Oak Park, CA
Vigor Divided – Jesse McClear of Midland Township, MI
Wide Open – Marshal Skinner of Herndon, VA

The Unknown:
Moon Reflecting in Puddle – Steve Bartlett of Kent, WA
Salt – Claire Oring of Redondo Beach, CA
Stairwell Entity – Tom Stirling of Salem, MA
Ewwww…. – Ron Vollentine of Erie, PA
Goats In A Tree – Don Brown of Fort Lauderdale, FL
Heart – Dylan Singleton of Columbia, MD
Peek-A-Boo – Tyler Bolen of Spokane, WA
the hallway – Dylan Strickland of Los Angeles, CA
Too High – Kevin Vandivier of Austin, TX
Trouble ahead – Mike Beiriger of Los Angeles, CA

Unparalled – Jennifer Harris of New Orleans, LA

Source: Canon U.S.A.