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Gallery of photos of Combichrist performing at The Avalon in Los Angeles on April 27, 2014. (Photos © Richard Chavez)

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Combichrist Concert Recap

by Richard Chavez

Combichrist played to a sold out crowd at The Avalon in Hollywood, CA on April 27th with special guests Suicide Commando, Aesthetic Perfection, and Youth Code. The show was amazing, with Aesthetic Perfection playing songs including “The Dark Half,” “Antibody,” and “The 11th Hour.” Daniel Graves and the rest of the band really got the crowd dancing.

Next up was Suicide Commando, who wound up having to close out their set early after Johan van Roy threw out his knee while performing “Cause of Death.” Before being forced to call it quits for the night, Suicide Commando made it through just a few songs including “Bind, Torture and Kill” and “Cause of Death Suicide.”

Then it was time for Combichrist. Andy LaPlagua, the lead singer/front man, came out with a hoodie that featured red lights shaped like a heart. They opened up with “We Were Made To Love You,” the opening track from their We Love You CD. Among the songs included in their concert at The Avalon were hits “Blute Royale,” “Reign of Blood,” and “F That S**T,” and overall their show was one of the best thus far of 2014.