‘Die in a Gunfight’ Trailer: Forbidden Love Could Be Deadly

The trailer for Die in a Gunfight has a Romeo and Juliet meets Quentin Tarantino and/or Guy Ritchie vibe, with Diego Boneta as Romeo to Alexandra Daddario’s Juliet. The two-minute trailer finds the adult children of warring families falling in love and willing to be the target of hired assassins if that’s what it takes to be together.

In addition to Diego Boneta (Terminator: Dark Fate) and Alexandra Daddario (Why Women Kill), the cast includes Justin Chatwin (Shameless), Wade Allain-Marcus (Snowfall), Billy Crudup (The Morning Show), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Superman and Lois), and Travis Fimmel (Vikings). Collin Schiffli directed from a screenplay by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari. Tom Butterfield, Mark Gordon, Jonathan Bronfman, Jason Ross Jallet, Allyson Seeger, Adrian Politowski, and Martin Metz produced.

Lionsgate’s dropping Die in a Gunfight in theaters and on demand on Friday, July 16, 2021.

The Plot, Courtesy of Lionsgate:

In Die in a Gunfight, Mary (Daddario) and Ben (Boneta) are the star-crossed black sheep of two powerful families engaged in a centuries-long feud – and they’re about to reignite an affair after many years apart. Their forbidden love will trigger the dominoes that will draw in Mukul (Allain-Marcus), Ben’s best friend, who owes him a life debt; Terrence (Chatwin), Mary’s would-be protector-turned-stalker; Wayne (Fimmel), an Aussie hitman with an open mind and a code of ethics; and his free-spirited girlfriend, Barbie (Chriqui).

As fists and bullets fly, it becomes clear that violent delights will have violent ends.

Die in a Gunfight Poster