Horse Girl Trailer: Alison Brie Believes She’s Been Abducted by Aliens

The trailer for Netflix’s Horse Girl starts off fairly normally. A young woman (GLOW‘s Alison Brie) seems rather lonely but not shut off. Just as her social life appears to be blossoming, she begins having weird dreams which she believes to be connected to an alien abduction.

In addition to Alison Brie, the cast includes Debby Ryan (Insatiable), John Reynolds (Stranger Things), Molly Shannon (Will & Grace), John Ortiz (Messiah), Paul Reiser (Mad About You), and Jay Duplass (The Mindy Project).

Alison Brie co-wrote the screenplay with director Jeff Baena. Brie and Baena also produced along with Mel Eslyn and Alana Carithers. Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass executive produced.

Horse Girl will premiere in theaters and on Netflix on February 7, 2020.

The Plot:

“Sarah (Brie), a socially isolated arts and crafts store employee, finds herself more content in the company of horses and supernatural crime shows than people. But when a series of strangely surreal dreams upend the simplicity of her waking life, Sarah struggles to distinguish her visions from reality. Directed by Jeff Baena, Horse Girl is a darkly humorous psychological thriller about a woman’s search for the truth, however abstract it may be.”

Horse Girl
Alison Brie in ‘Horse Girl’ (Photo Credit: Netflix)
Horse Girl
Alison Brie co-wrote, produces, and stars in ‘Horse Girl’ (Photo Credit: Netflix)
Horse Girl
John Reynolds and Alison Brie (Photo by Katrina Marcinowski / Netflix)
Horse Girl
Alison Brie and Paul Reiser (Photo by Katrina Marcinowski / Netflix)