Alternate Opening for The Avengers Revealed


The Avengers could have started out on a much darker note, with this alternate opening sequence showing a New York City in ruins. Writer-director Joss Whedon’s alternate opening begins 48 hours after the events at the end of The Avengers and shows the rubble in the streets caused by the clash between our heroes and Loki’s forces of evil.
Cobie Smulders’ Agent Maria Hill is being interrogated in the 1:26 clip. She asks, “You want to know what went wrong, how this horror…this catastrophe…could have been averted?” Further on, she’s asked about Nick Fury and The Avengers. Smulders as Hill shakes her head and replies, “God…who would bring those people together and not expect what happened?”
Watch the clip:

The deleted scene is included in the bonus features on The Avengers Blu-ray hitting stores on September 25, 2012.


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