‘Untogether’ Trailer Starring Jamie Dornan and Jemima Kirke

Freestyle Digital Media’s released the new official trailer for the romantic film Untogether starring Fifty ShadesJamie Dornan. The cast also includes real-life siblings Jemima Kirke (Maniac) and Lola Kirke (Mozart in the Jungle) as well as Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom), Billy Crystal (When Harry Met Sally), Alice Eve (Iron Fist), Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing), and Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-0).

Emma Forrest wrote and directed the R-rated dramedy, with Scott Adler, Alex Cutler, Vijay Amritraj, Prakash Amritraj, Dana Guerin, Michael Guerin, and Greg Scott executive producing.

Discussing the film, writer/director Forrest said, “I like to think Untogether is a subversive Valentine’s date movie, written by someone whose seen The Breakfast Club as many times as they’ve seen Betty Blue. I’m Anglo-American and I wanted the film to have a very pop American sensibility combined with Euro-dreamy visual vibe. Although it is character driven, dialogue heavy and intimate, it was important to me that it not look like an “indie”. The feelings are gritty, complicated and confronting but I always intended the visuals to counteract that with their lushness.

I knew I wanted sisters playing sisters and I knew that, in my star, Jemima Kirke, I had a face an audience would be fascinated by, which is key when the actress is in almost every shot. I also knew Jamie Dornan just well enough to long to finally exploit on screen his infectious sense of humour.

I wanted to create a multi-generational piece that, in weaving between love stories, would offer, once the characters got beyond their self doubt and awkwardness, a movie about finally making a connection (whether or not you get to keep it). One of couples does. One of them doesn’t. Like life. Making art in the era of Trump, I needed to shoot something that was ultimately optimistic, and I think we succeeded.”

Untogether will be released on February 8, 2019.

The Plot:

Untogether is the story of Nick (Jamie Dornan) and Andrea (Jemima Kirke) whose one night stand evolves into something more, though the exact parameters are blurry and undefined. He is a doctor and author whose heroics in the Middle East gained him international fame. She is a writing prodigy fully consumed with destructive vices, navigating Los Angeles without a driver’s license or credit card and sharing a home with her sister Tara.

Meanwhile, Tara (Lola Kirke) is dealing with relationship issues of her own as she slowly slips away from her boyfriend Martin (Ben Mendelsohn), who gave up his Australian fame as a rock ‘n’ roll god to be with her. Her way of acting out is to lose herself in religion and seek solace in a charismatic Rabbi (Billy Crystal). This is who they’ve all been so far but do they have the courage to find out who they really are?”