Gangnam Style Video Parody Costs El Monte Lifeguards Their Jobs

Is rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style” the new “Call Me Maybe” when it comes to providing fodder for video parodies? If so, better be careful about using your place of work to shoot your music video. El Monte lifeguards found out the hard way just how harsh the repercussions can be following the posting of their “Lifeguard Style” video on the internet.

13 El Monte lifeguards and their supervisor (who wasn’t in the video) are fighting to get their jobs back after being fired because they shot the video when they were off-duty but while using the El Monte Aquatic Center as the setting for the video. None of the lifeguards are doing anything offensive in the video, but El Monte Park and Recreation officials apparently don’t have a sense of humor when it comes to the use of their pool. The lifeguards were fired for using city resources without permission.

From the recently created Facebook page “Bring Back the 14 El Monte Lifeguards”:

All footage was recorded off the clock during breaks and free time. The city manager OFFICIALLY fired us for using the facility for private use and wearing uniforms in public while off-duty. Afterwards we were UNOFFICIALLY told that our music video was both ‘disgusting’ and an ’embarrassment to the city of El Monte.'”

Watch the video:

Rapper Psy’ original “Gangnam Style” video has been viewed 169 million times and has even been parodied by the Oregon Duck.