Which Shows Just Got Cancelled by NBC?

Revolution Gets Cancelled
David Lyons as Sebastian Monroe, Billy Burke as Miles Matheson, Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson in 'Revolution' (Photo by: Felicia Graham/NBC)

There are lots of (but not enough) unhappy viewers out there as Revolution will be ending after two seasons, which is too bad as the last half of season two showed a lot of promise and it’s when the series seem to have really found its footing. Also getting the hook is Community, but fans haven’t completely given up hope that it’ll be rescued by a different network.

NBC also has said no to a second season of Crisis and Believe, cancellations which shouldn’t have caught anyone by surprise given the low ratings for both freshman dramas. Another newbie, the comedy series Growing Up Fisher, is also without a second season order.

Still left without a renewal or a cancellation are the supernatural drama Dracula (leaning toward being cancelled) starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Parenthood which should escape the ax.

-By Rebecca Murray

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