9 Full Moons Set for the Seattle Film Festival

9 Full Moons PosterThe romantic drama 9 Full Moons will have its world festival premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival. The film, directed by Tomer Almagor and starring Amy Seimetz, Bret Roberts, Donal Logue, Dale Dickey and Harry Dean Stanton, will screen on June 6, 2013.
9 Full Moons is a personal love letter to my partner and to the city of angels we both love and hate,” stated director Tomer Almagor. “The main characters are always on the move, constantly changing and progressing. Their narrative is a compelling chronicle of the extreme highs and lows of their relationship, but at the heart of it, 9 Full Moons is a hopeful love story.”
Adds actor Logue: “About a minute into my initial conversation with Tomer Almagor I knew I wanted to be a part of the cast of 9 Full Moons. Working on 9 Full Moons reminded me why I got in this profession in the first place.”
The Plot:
9 Full Moons is a powerful, brooding love story about the seemingly implausible relationship between Frankie (Seimetz) and Lev (Roberts), two radically different people who seem to be meant for each other. Set against the country-tinged, singer songwriter hipster music scene of East Los Angeles, Silverlake and Hollywood, the film focuses on the young couple’s struggle with their personal demons as they try to hold on to one another against insurmountable odds.
Frankie is a wildly enigmatic train wreck, a hard-partying social butterfly with an authentic grasp on life. Lev is a solitary, stoic young man with deep aspirations to becoming one of those legendary musical vagabonds he so devoutly looks up to. A near-miss shot of intimacy at an after-hours LA night club leads Frankie and Lev to embark on a frenzied and handicapped affair, their free-spiritedness and non-conformist attitude towards social norms send them off on a rollercoaster ride. In order to jump off that crazy train, and take a serious stab at having a future together, they force themselves to scrutinize and come face-to-face with their painful histories and make peace.
Watch the trailer:

9 full moons – new trailer from Tomer Almagor on Vimeo.


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