Apolo Ohno and Danica McKellar to Star in Tasmanian Devil


Apolo OhnoThe devil made them do it…the Tasmanian Devil, that is. The Wonder Years‘ Danica McKellar and Olympic skating champion Apolo Ohno will star in Syfy’s original movie, Tasmanian Devil. Filming will get underway this month in British Columbia.

According to Syfy, McKellar and Ohno will be taking on a ‘deadly mythical beast’. “In the movie, scheduled to premiere on Syfy in 2012, base jumpers in a remote Tasmanian national park are pursued by grizzly bear-sized Tasmanian Devils – legendary creatures created to protect the land from intruders.”

Kenneth Mitchell (Jericho) has also been cast in Tasmanian Devil.

Source: Syfy – November 11, 2011


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