‘Banshee’ Fourth and Final Season Set for January 2016 Premiere

Banshee Season 4 is the Series' Final Season
Ivana Milicevic and Antony Starr in ‘Banshee’ season 3 (Photo: Gregory Shummon / Cinemax)

Cinemax confirmed that Banshee‘s fourth season will be its last. Banshee will be back in January 2016 for an eight episode final season with Antony Starr, Ivana Milicevic, and Ulrich Thomsen back in starring roles. Jonathan Tropper, Alan Ball, Greg Yaitanes, Peter Macdissi, Adam Targum, and Ole Christian Madsen are executive producing season four.

Banshee is a unique and compelling show that helped set high standards for original programming for CINEMAX,” stated Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. “The show’s exceptional blend of action and drama earned a vocal and passionate fan base that will not be disappointed in Banshee’s final season.”

Banshee has been an incredible ride, and we continue to break new ground in season four,” added co-creator and executive producer Jonathan Tropper. “While we certainly considered returning for a fifth season, I always said that when the story was told, it would be time to move on, and that time has come. I am grateful to CINEMAX for making Banshee the great success it has been and for supporting our creative decision to wrap things up.”

Details on Banshee, Courtesy of Cinemax:

Banshee stars Antony Starr as Lucas Hood, an ex-con and master thief who assumes the identity of the sheriff of Banshee, Pa., where he continues his criminal pursuits while enforcing his own code of justice.

Other cast members include Ivana Milicevic as Carrie Hopewell, a notorious jewel thief who lives in Banshee under an assumed identity with her new family, which has recently learned of her criminal past; Ulrich Thomsen as Lucas’ arch-enemy, Kai Proctor, an intimidating, wealthy businessman who believes he is above the law; Hoon Lee as Job, a dangerous transvestite computer hacker who assists Lucas and Carrie in their criminal enterprises; Frankie Faison as Sugar Bates, a wise and powerful former boxer who owns the local watering hole and serves as confidante to Lucas and Job; Matt Servitto as Brock Lotus, Lucas’ long-suffering veteran deputy; Ryann Shane as Deva Hopewell, Carrie’s teenage daughter, who is rattled after learning Lucas fathered her; Lili Simmons as Rebecca Bowman, Proctor’s sexy niece, who has taken on a larger role in his criminal activities; Matthew Rauch as Clay Burton, Proctor’s multifaceted, complicated bodyguard and right-hand man; Tom Pelphrey as Kurt Bunker, a former skinhead who joins the Banshee sheriff’s department as a deputy; and Chris Coy as Calvin Bunker, Kurt’s unsavory brother, who has kept his Nazi ties.

New to the cast are Eliza Dushku as Veronica Dawson, a tough, sexy and shockingly reckless FBI profiler with no shortage of personal demons, who joins forces with Lucas; Ana Ayora as Nina Cruz, a Banshee deputy working as an inside plant for Proctor; and Casey LaBow as Maggie, wife of a local Aryan Brotherhood leader, who desperately wants a better life for her and her son.

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