Beyond Scared Straight is Back for Season Six

Beyond Scared Straight Season 6
A scene from 'Beyond Scared Straight' (Photo by Arnold Shapiro Productions Copyright 2014)
A&E’s bringing back the docuseries Beyond Scared Straight for season six starting on February 28, 2014 at 10pm ET/PT. The series is inspired by the 1979 Oscar-winning documentary Scared Straight from writer/director Arnold Shapiro, with Shapiro executive producing the series alongside A&E’s Laura Fleury.
The series takes at-risk teenagers into prisons to show them what life is like on behind bars. Per A&E, season six will feature these stories:
– a teen fighter makes a run for it only to be thrown into a cell with the imposing inmate she was trying to escape;
– a gang-banger is stunned to meet his own incarcerated brother during the jail tour;
– a teen starts heading down the right path only to meet a tragic end;
– and a promiscuous, drug-using teenage girl reveals to an officer that parenthood may be looming.
Source: A&E Network
-Posted by Rebecca Murray

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