Lifetime Goes Beyond Spelling Bees with ‘Child Genius’

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Taking their cue from the UK series, Lifetime has ordered up a new docuseries titled Child Genius which will be about…well, that’s fairly obvious, isn’t it? The network’s given the greenlight to eight episodes of the competition series that will focus on some of America’s “most extraordinary and gifted children and their families as they prepare for a national intelligence competition.”

Working with American MENSA, Child Genius will follow intelligent children as they go through the process of competing for the title of Child Genius 2014 in the first annual national intelligence showdown.

If you believe your kid has what it takes, check out or for casting information. Lifetime’s aiming to premiere Child Genius later this year.

The Details:

In cooperation with American MENSA, the competition will take place over several weeks this summer and will test America’s best young minds on their knowledge of logic, current affairs, history, memory, science, spelling, math and debate. Only one phenomenal kid will shine brighter than the rest and be named Child Genius 2014.

Source: Lifetime

-By Rebecca Murray

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