‘Divorce’ Season 2 February Episodes Guide

Divorce Season 2 February Episodes
Sarah Jessica Parker stars in ‘Divorce’ season 2 (Photo by Craig Blankenhorn / HBO)

HBO’s half-hour comedy series Divorce continues season two with four new episodes airing in February 2018. The series airs on Sundays at 10pm ET/PT and stars Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City), Thomas Haden Church (Easy A), Molly Shannon (Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later), Talia Balsam (Mad Men), Tracy Letts (Homeland), Sterling Jerins (The Conjuring 2), and Charlie Kilgore (Moonrise Kingdom).

Divorce was created by Sharon Horgan who serves as an executive producer along with Sarah Jessica Parker, showrunner Jenny Bicks, Alison Benson, and Aaron Kaplan.

The Season 2 Plot: “In the aftermath of their explosive separation, Frances (Parker) and Robert (Church) are learning to rebuild their lives independently, even as they stay entangled through their kids and mutual friends. Focusing on careers, new relationships and finding ways to be happy again, they learn that pursuing the next chapter will be more complicated than they imagined.

Divorce also features Molly Shannon as Diane, Frances’ over-eager friend, whose investment in Frances’ new gallery tests their friendship, even as Diane adjusts to a new normal at home with her husband, Nick (Letts). Talia Balsam plays Dallas, Frances’ close friend, a divorced psychologist who is determined to extricate herself from a secret affair with Tony (Dean Winters), Robert’s divorce attorney. Sterling Jerins plays Lila, Frances and Robert’s complicated teenage daughter, and Charlie Kilgore is Tom, their 16-year-old son.”

Divorce February 2018 Episodes:

  • Episode #14 (season 2, episode 4): “Ohio”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, FEB. 4 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT)
    When Robert’s dad falls ill, Robert (Thomas Haden Church) and Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) reunite in Ohio, where they reminisce about happier times, and deal with Robert’s overbearing sister, Cathy (Amy Sedaris). Back in Hastings-on-Hudson, Tom (Charlie Kilgore) jumps at the chance to chauffeur Diane (Molly Shannon) around town in her luxury car.
    Written by Adam Resnick; directed by Janicza Bravo.
  • Episode #15 (season 2, episode 5): “Breaking the Ice”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, FEB. 11 (10:00-10:30 p.m.)
    Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) learns that Robert (Thomas Haden Church) has a new woman in his life, and enlists Diane (Molly Shannon) and Dallas (Talia Balsam) to get intel on her before Lila’s (Sterling Jerins) 13th birthday party.
    Written by Stuart Zicherman; directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller.
  • Episode #16 (season 2, episode 6): “Losing It”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, FEB. 18 (10:00-10:30 p.m.)
    After Robert (Thomas Haden Church) finds Tom (Charlie Kilgore) in a compromising position, Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Robert re-visit their marriage counselor to set new ground rules for the kids. Frances weighs how serious her new relationship with Andrew (Steven Pasquale) should be. Jackie (Becki Newton) seeks out Dallas’ (Talia Balsam) advice during a chance encounter at Diane’s country club.
    Written by Kristen Lange; directed by Scott Ellis.
  • Episode #17 (season 2, episode 7): “Going, Going…Gone”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, FEB. 25 (10:00-10:30 p.m.)
    Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) spots the dashing art bigwig Skip Zakarian (Marton Csokas) at an auction, and takes the opportunity to invite him to Sylvia MacDonald’s (Roslyn Ruff) upcoming show, where he shows interest in more than art. A successful sale inspires Jackie (Becki Newton) to propose that she and Robert (Thomas Haden Church) team up on a house-flipping business, but he has qualms about the idea.
    Written by Julie Rottenberg & Elisa Zuritsky; directed by Adam Bernstein.