The Eye of the Storm Eyes an April 2012 Release

Geoffrey Rush in The Eye of the StormSycamore Entertainment Group Inc. announced they’ve picked up US rights to the dramatic film The Eye of the Storm starring Geoffrey Rush, Charlotte Rampling, and Judy Davis, and adapted from the 1973 book by Patrick White. Judy Morris did the screenplay and Fred Schepisi directed.

“We are excited to be working with master filmmaker Fred Schepisi and the sublime Geoffrey Rush on this star-studded drama,” said Sycamore Entertainment Group CEO Edward Sylvan. “It did very well at [the Toronto International Film Festival] where it premiered and the trade reviews raved about the film’s stellar acting performances, which are sure to delight audiences this spring.”

Sycamore is planning an April 20, 2012 theatrical release.

The Plot:

In the Sydney suburb of Centennial Park, two nurses, a housekeeper and a solicitor attend to Elizabeth Hunter as her expatriate son and daughter convene at her deathbed. But in dying, as in living, Mrs Hunter remains a powerful force on those who surround her.

Based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner Patrick White, The Eye of the Storm is a savage exploration of family relationships – and the sharp undercurrents of love and hate, comedy and tragedy, which define them.

Source: Sycamore Entertainment Group Inc. – January 16, 2012