Backyards Get a Makeover in ‘Outback Nation’

Outback Nation Helps Neglected Gardens Spring to Life
Jamie Durie, host of FYI’s ‘Outback Nation’ (Photo by FYI /
Copyright 2015)

Landscape design expert Jamie Durie will be helping transform backyards that could use some TLC in the new FYI series Outback Nation. The new series will debut on April 13, 2015 at 10pm ET/PT, and season one will have an eight episode run.

In addition to reviving sagging gardens, Durie also serves as executive producer on the series along with JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, Brant Pinvidic, DJ Nurre, Gena McCarthy and James Bolosh.

The Plot, Courtesy of FYI:

Overgrown gardens, decaying decks, unkempt pools and more prevent families from enjoying their own backyards. In each episode of Outback Nation, a new family will enlist Jamie’s help to reinvent their outdoor space and turn it into the backyard paradise they have always dreamed of.

Before tackling the transformation with Jamie, each family will immerse themselves in their own “private wilderness,” camping out in their backyard and experiencing the terrain firsthand. From design mishaps to wild animal encounters, the families will be presented with many challenges on the journey to complete their backyard renovation. Each member of the family will also be assigned their own special project to work on, while Jamie will come up with a secret design project of his own to surprise the family with.

Tapping into the trend of turning backyard spaces into outside living rooms – each family’s outdoor space will go through complete overhauls, from gutting shrubbery to pouring cement for a new patio. Viewers will learn renovation tips and design elements that could be incorporated into their own outdoor spaces.

-By Rebecca Murray

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