Million Second Quiz Creates a New Millionaire

Andrew Kravis Wins The Million Second Quiz
Ryan Seacrest and Andrew Kravis from 'The Million Second Quiz' (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)
NBC’s new game show may not have been the ratings bonanza the network hoped it would be, but for Andrew Kravis that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that he walked away from The Million Second Quiz $2.6 million richer.
Kravis, who spent 250 hours on the show’s ‘Winner’s Row’, was crowned the champion of season one after defeating Brandon Saunders in the final trivia round. He collected $2 million for the win which added on top of his previous winnings of $326,346 as well as a winner’s bonus brought him to the $2.6 million total. That now makes the Million Second Quiz winner the recipient of the largest payout by a game show in television history.
The 25 year old Farmington Hills, Michigan resident recently graduated from Columbia Law School. “This is all really incredible,” said Kravis. “I want to pay off my student loans and then maybe take a trip to Europe.”
NBC hasn’t officially announced whether the game show hosted by Ryan Seacrest will return for season two.
Source: NBC

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