‘Outlander’ Season Two Casting Updates

Outlander Season 2 Cast News

The second season of Outlander has begun filming! Is anyone else waiting on their tippy-toes daily for the new cast member announcements? Our hopeful, yet heavily burdened, Frasers are headed to 18th century France. Vive Les Frasers! I’m sure 18th century France had some interesting characters. Our beloved book, Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon, certainly gave us some wonderful characters not yet seen on the screen.

Romann Berrus Joins Outlander

Darling wee Fergus, an orphaned pickpocket, will be portrayed by Romann Berrux (Détectives). Just look at those blue eyes… Reminds me of Sam Heughan’s baby blues. Of course, what doesn’t bring the thoughts back to our favorite ginger?! Author Gabaldon made the casting announcement on her Facebook page, saying, “Meet Romann Berrux, who in addition to having a fascinating collection of consonants in his name, is also playing Wee Fergus! (And doing a fine job of it, too, may I say…)”

Rosie Day Joins Outlander

Rosie Day will play Mary Hawkins, the daughter of a baronet and niece of Mr. Silas Hawkins. Mary is part of such an amazing element to the story, and Rosie has been an actress since the age of five. Can’t wait to see our dear Mary in action! Confirming her involvement in the series, Day posted to twitter: “Hello all you lovely Outlander fans! I’m so happy to be joining the show and to be reunited with mr @SamHeughan”

Dominique Pinon (Photo Credit: Henri-Jérôme Bertin)
Dominique Pinon (Photo Credit: Henri-Jérôme Bertin)

Dominique Pinon will be Master Raymond, this is a great combination. An intriguing character played by an amazing actor. (see this article more details on Pinon’s casting)

Stanley Weber Cast in Outlander

Stanley Weber (Borgia TV series) will be Le Comte St. Germain, our resident new bad guy, though he’s so handsome who could blame him for being bad? Le Comte St. Germain is a wine merchant and member of the French Court, and spoiler alert…. Jamie and Claire tick him off. I hope I didn’t just wreck it for you! Confirming his involvement in the upcoming season, Weber tweeted, “It’s official…already in Scotland shooting season 2 of Outlander. So stoked. Really.” And when asked if the photo above, which is his profile picture on Facebook, will be how he looks in Outlander, Weber couldn’t only respond by saying he can’t say.

Robert Cavanah Joins Outlander

A Fraser cousin, Jared Fraser, will be portrayed by Robert Cavanah (Doctors). Cavanah is known for movies including Sahara and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Jared will aid our infamous couple in France.

Andrew Gower Joins Outlander

Our Bonnie Prince Charles Edward Stuart will be portrayed by a man recently known for portraying another kingdom’s ruler. Andrew Gower will be our Bonnie Prince of Scotland, and has recently played the Roman Emperor Caligula in the series A.D. The Bible Continued, though our Bonnie Prince Charlie wasn’t exactly the piece of work Caligula was in history. Another Outlander cast member who loves to post updates on Twitter, Gower tweeted: “Aye tis all true! Thrilled to be on board the Outlander adventure! x” – @TheAndrewGower

Audrey Brisson Joins Outlander

The wonderful Sister Angelique is cast to Audrey Brisson, known for Hereafter most recently. Sister Angelique is a formidable woman, and is an angel with a rough side.

Bouton in Outlander Season 2

We even have our beloved Bouton who follows and helps Sister Angelique. He is just too adorable!

Thus ends the first installment of new additions to the Outlander world. Welcome to all!! Your FANmily awaits you with excitement. Fans who have read the books know there’s more to come…

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