Casting News: Nat Geo Looks for ‘Race to the Center of the Earth’ Competitors

Race for the Center of the Earth

National Geographic is searching for contestants for its new reality competition series, Race to the Center of the Earth. Production is expected to get underway later this year on what’s described as the “first-ever global adventure” series.

“Not only are we looking for people who are diverse and exciting, but we’re looking for those who really embody the legacy of National Geographic’s yellow border — passionate and adventurous explorers who constantly push their personal boundaries to go further,” said executive producer Bertram van Munster. “We hope that these teams, along with the beautiful global backdrop, will inspire others to step out of their own comfort zones and go on their own fantastic adventures.”

The series is produced by New Media Collective from a format by Plum Pictures for National Geographic. In addition to Bertram van Munster, executive producers for season one include Elise Doganieri and Matt Renner.

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Series Details and Casting Information, Courtesy of National Geographic:

Do you have the grit and endurance to take on a global adventure race and to navigate your way, day after day, for a chance to win $1,000,000? National Geographic is casting contestants for Race to the Center of the Earth, an extreme, nonelimination competition series that pits four teams of three contestants against one another in a nonstop adventure across the globe. Teams start from different corners of the earth and race to be the first to reach the remote location that holds the $1,000,000 prize.

The eight-part series will challenge these fearless, passionate adventurers and weekend warriors with navigating their designated route, and they’ll face unpredictable terrains, harsh climates and unique cultures as they make their way to the finish. Along the way, they will trek through untamed jungles, frozen tundra, arid deserts, bustling cities and imposing mountains and sail vast open seas to reach the place where all four routes intersect — a remote and challenging location where the prize awaits. The first team to arrive claims it all.