Swamp People Returns for Season Five

Swamp People Season 5
A scene from 'Swamp People' (Photo by ©2013 A+E Networks, LLC. / Photo credit: Skip Bolen)
Swamp People returns to the History Channel lineup for season five on Monday, February 3, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT. The series will once again feature Troy Landry and his sons, RJ and Jay Paul Molinere, Liz and Jessica, Junior and Willie, and Bruce Mitchell. Terral Evans returns to the fold this season and Apache hunter Roger Rivers is introduced to the cast.
Details on Season Five of Swamp People:
Season Five of Swamp People follows the fearless swampers of Southern Louisiana as they attempt to fill their alligator tags while under attack from the deadly beasts below the surface. After last year’s storm shortened the culling season, big gators are back with a vengeance and have become more brash than ever – boldly encroaching on residents of the bayou. But hunters have drawn a line in the swamp, vowing to stop their deadly march – no matter the cost.
With human lives on the line and the highest gator prices in years, swampers are pulling out all the stops to cash in during the 30-day hunting season. They will have to resort to all new strategies and expand into unfamiliar territories in order to track down the biggest and most vicious beasts in the bayou. But circumstances are creating a perfect storm – forcing them to bump up against other hunters, face brazen poachers, and tangle with deadly predators at every turn.
Swamp People is the story of the American spirit, of the lost art of doing things the right way and of the unyielding desire to preserve a dying way of life from the encroaching modern world. Deep in southern Louisiana, there are nearly one million acres of flooded forest, marshland and bayous – the Atchafalaya Swamp – which is unlike any place else in the United States. It’s a hidden world, a place where nature still rules – one of the least-known territories in the United States. But a hardy breed of “Swamp People” know the secrets of this dangerous mysterious territory. Most are Cajun descendants of French-speaking settlers who came from Canada in the 1700s – and their way of life has been fundamentally the same for generations. They are America’s forgotten pioneers.
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