Super Bowl Contest Win Leads to a Docuseries on A&E

A&E LogoHow do you follow up winning the Super Bowl commercial contest? If you’re the Herbert Brothers, you start your own advertising agency and then have your story featured as a docuseries on A&E. The network’s announced they’ve greenlit The Herbert Brothers (that title may change), a half hour show about the five brothers who founded an ad agency after creating the winning “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” commercial. A&E announced filming will begin immediately and the eight episode docuseries will air this summer.
The Plot:
Down in Batesville, Indiana, there’s a family that runs the number one ad agency in town. Sure, the population is only 6,508, and they’re self-proclaimed “nobodies from nowhere.” But the Herbert brothers made advertising history when their homemade commercial won the “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” contest and ranked #1 on the USA Today ad meter. They were up against the best and brightest advertising minds on Madison Avenue. And they won.

The Herbert Brothers took their $1,000,000 winnings, established an advertising agency and continued developing commercials for major companies like Pepsi, Go Daddy and Shasta, to name a few. The five brothers still live and work in their idyllic hometown and enlist help from the locals; their friends act, mom caters, dad builds sets and neighbors help script.
Source: A&E
-By Rebecca Murray

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