Twenty Feet from Stardom Inches Closer to a Theatrical Release

Twenty Feet from StardomFollowing a standing ovation at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, the documentary Twenty Feet From Stardom has been picked up by RADiUS-TWC for release in North America. Morgan Neville directed the film which tells the story of back-up singers who support some of the world’s biggest musicians.
RADiUS is aiming for a summer 2013 theatrical release.
“We were overwhelmed by this beautiful film that focuses on the underdog – – these incredible artists who – until now – have been largely unknown. We’ve been coming to Sundance for more than 15 years and we’ve rarely, if ever, seen an audience reaction like we did last night” stated RADiUS co-presidents Tom Quinn and Jason Janego.
TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein added: “I’ve always been drawn to the underdog story and can’t think of a more poignant subject matter that showcases such rare talent. The subtleties and nuances of this incredible story are so delicate and intimately told that we feel a great responsibility to ensure audiences everywhere have the opportunity to see it.”
The Details:
The film is a celebration of the voices from the edge, which brought shape and style to the soundtracks of our lives. Neville follows half a dozen diverse and gifted back up singers from throughout music history, each of whom has a story to tell of life in the shadows of superstardom (Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Joe Cocker, Bette Midler to name just a few). These talented artists represent a range of styles that come from all eras of popular music, but each singer belongs to the first family of American voice. Now is their turn for the spotlight.
Source: RADiUS – TWC

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