Warehouse 13 Hosts a Galaxy Quest Reunion

Warehouse 13 LogoSyfy’s Warehouse 13 is hosting a mini-Galaxy Quest reunion with Enrico Colantoni (Mathesar) and Missi Pyle (Laliari) from the cult classic reuniting for the May 13, 2013 episode premiering at 10pm. Colantoni and Pyle will combine forces as a ‘deadly duo’ on the upcoming episode of the sci-fi series.
“The only thing that could be more fun than working with Enrico or Missi, would be working with Enrico AND Missi!! They are MAGIC together!!!,” said Jack Kenny, Warehouse 13 executive producer and showrunner.
The Plot:
In this special black and white noir episode, Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) are pulled into a 1940s crime thriller complete with gangsters, molls and a hunt for a deadly artifact. Pyle (Lily Abbot) and Colantoni (Antony Bishop) portray dangerous murder suspects with hidden agendas who snare Pete and Myka in their deadly crossfire. The episode also features Pyle performing a new cover of the classic song “After You’ve Gone.”
Source: Syfy

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