Alexander Calvert Interview: ‘Supernatural’ Season 14 and the Goodness in Jack

What’s going to happen with Jack in season 14 of The CW’s Supernatural? Alexander Calvert hopes he continues to dedicate himself to helping people. However, as he pointed out in our interview, in the world of Supernatural anyone can flip at any time. Case in point: in season 14 Dean (Jensen Ackles) has been taken over by Michael. Calvert also joked about characters being able to die multiple times and still be brought back to life in the series.

Alexander Calvert discussed season 14, who Jack will be teaming up with, and what’s in store for fans of the long-running series during our interview at the San Diego Comic Con. Supernatural season 14 will premiere on October 11, 2018.

Where do we pick up with Jack? What’s his state of mind?

Alexander Calvert: “Definitely with the loss of his powers, the state of loss. I think Supernatural deals with loss a lot, and Jack is definitely in the middle of that especially losing his powers.”

How is Jack handling life in the bunker with all the new people?

Alexander Calvert: “He’s really good-natured. He’s always been very pro about helping people so when we brought those people back from the apocalypse world, he’s really happy to help out. Especially Jack’s relationship with those people being that he helped save them and get them away from Michael and protect them. So, having those people is Jack’s way of trying to help out.”

Do we see much of the Jack and Mary relationship now since they really bonded on the other side?

Alexander Calvert: (Smiling and shrugging) “She’s my apocalypse mom. I think what’s cool about the show is no one’s really gone for that amount of time. We’re definitely going to see fan favorites. We have mom back. Obviously, Bobby came back as well. So, we get to see these characters back in our regular world which is kind of crazy considering how long they’ve been gone, and their relationships for that time period.”

We saw that Jack turned against his father last season when he realized who he was. Is he feeling any sort of conflict or guilt about what’s happened to Dean or any lingering feelings towards Lucifer?

Alexander Calvert: “It’s going to be interesting to see how he feels about Lucifer and about Mark Pellegrino’s character. We spent a lot of last season building toward that moment and then for Jack to deal with the fallout of that relationship is going to be something that we’re going to explore this season.”

And he’s only one year old.

Alexander Calvert: “To be fair, the guy’s dealing with a lot for his first year of life.”

Including guilt as far as not being able to save everybody from the apocalypse world. Will that guilt continue into this season?

Alexander Calvert: “Yeah. I mean, he feels responsible for trying to do his best. Unfortunately, with the Supernatural universe you learn very quickly that people are going to die and you can’t save them all. And that’s something these characters have carried with them from day one. He’s kind of learning about the family business and learning you can’t save everyone. It’s going to weigh on these characters.”

We saw a really nice friendship develop between Jack and Sam last season. How will Jack interact with Sam this coming season?

Alexander Calvert: “At this point in time the focus is trying to get Dean back. So, both of our characters are doing our best to kind of get that task done. (Laughing) I feel like there’s not like friendly dinners for Supernatural characters. No one’s like, ‘We should catch up!’ Everyone’s like, ‘We’ve got to save this person or the universe will end.’ So now they’re definitely focused on getting Dean back.”

With Jack missing his powers, how is he handling that and how will he stay in the fight?

Alexander Calvert: “I don’t think he’s coping well with the loss. What was interesting about Jack’s arc last season is that he found that he could be helpful. He found that he really could save people, help out Bobby and Mary and the apocalypse people. And then to lose all that I think is really crushing to what he considers his role of saving people.”

Who is he leaning on or relying on the most in the early episodes?

Alexander Calvert: “Everyone is trying to look out for him. Everyone is trying their best to look out for Jack. But it’s pretty devastating what he’s going through. No days off for Supernatural characters. Everything’s like always bad.”

Did you have to do any additional training for stunts now that Jack doesn’t have powers?

Alexander Calvert: “That’s been an aspect that I’ve been really looking forward to. Last season Jack was so powerful that he could just move his hand and things would go everywhere. Whereas this season I’m hoping to get a little more down and dirty. Fingers crossed.”

Do you think you’ll get to drive Baby at any point?

Alexander Calvert: “That would be very cool for Jack to be able to do that. You know what? I don’t care about Jack. It would be cool for me to do that, so we’ll see.”

Supernatural star Alexander Calvert
Alexander Calvert as Jack in ‘Supernatural’ (Photo: Dean Buscher © 2018 The CW Network)

Has he totally decided what his role is and what his motivation is looking forward into the future?

Alexander Calvert: “I think he considers himself part of the family and he knows his role is to protect people and save people as much as he can. But, with the Supernatural universe, especially with his lineage being what it is, there’s always the possibility Jack can turn and flip just because of his nature, I think. For me I’m always like, ‘I hope he stays good.’ But I think the show has shown that anybody can be anything. We have a Dean Michael right now so who knows where I’ll be by the end of the season.”

Is there a possibility he can get his powers back? Is that a quest that he can try and turn them back on?

Alexander Calvert: “It’s a slow regenerative process, from what I understand about the Super-Wiki universe. Yes, I looked it up. But it takes time. Jack being half angel, half human it’s different than if he’s just human or if he’s just an angel. So, it’s going to be a different process than for someone to get their grace back.”

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