Jared Padalecki Interview: ‘Supernatural’ Season 14 and Sam’s Search for Dean

Jared Padalecki and his fellow Supernatural cast members – Jensen Ackles, Alexander Calvert, and Misha Collins – made the trek to the San Diego Comic Con where the show and its cast have become ‘the’ panel to see on the Con’s closing day. Heading into season 14 big changes in store for the cast and fans as this season finds Dean taken over by Michael.

During our roundtable interview in support of season 14, Padalecki discussed Sam’s search for his brother, handling the new people from the apocalypse world, and Sam’s relationship with Jack. He also talked about shooting scenes without his partner in crime, Jensen Ackles.

Supernatural season 14 premieres on The CW on October 11, 2018.

Where do we catch up with Sam this season? What’s his mindset?

Jared Padalecki: ““I’m very proud of who Sam is this year. His loss is accentuated further and exacerbated by the fact that he also has 30 people living in the middle of his bunker that are from a different planet. All these people want to kill Michael. Not necessarily want to save Dean, they want to kill Michael. Michael destroyed their world. And not that he’s at odds with these guys, but he has to continue to guide these apocalypse world hunters that are now living with him and tell them how to use toilet paper. They’re on a new planet and they’re living under his leadership.

So, Sam can’t find his brother. He knows there’s a ticking clock. Sam also knows uniquely almost – it’s between Sam and Cas – they’re some of the few people who have been possessed by an archangel and lived to tell about it. So, Sam is trying to be as methodical as possible and as helpful as possible to find his brother and get him back safe and sound without just trying to destroy Michael and Michael’s vessel, Dean.”

Who does Sam lean on?

Jared Padalecki: “He leans on Cas a little bit. He leans on mom and Bobby a little bit, but not really. You know, he hasn’t really leaned on anybody yet. He accepts help from them as far as helping to find Dean, but he hasn’t yet really opened up. And, also, he’s taking care of Jack who’s now human.

Last year Sam took care of Jack and took a unique liking to him because he was a bit of an outsider. He was different. But he had a fear with Jack last year because he didn’t know..the kid yells and blows him across the room kind of thing. So, it was like a bit of trepidation. This year he’s just a broken kid, human. He’s one year old, you know?

Sam doesn’t have anyone to lean on just yet. He’s not against it; he hasn’t been able to take the time. He can’t even shave, so…”

Supernatural Season 14 Jared Padalecki
Misha Collins as Castiel and Jared Padalecki as Sam in ‘Supernatural’ season 14 (Photo: Bettina Strauss © 2018 The CW Network)

Does Sam have a plan or are there any breadcrumbs to find Michael? Is Dean in any way communicating back?

Jared Padalecki: “He’s had no communication with Dean or Michael, but he certainly has leads. It’s all hands-on deck – apocalypse world hunters and Bobby and Cas and Mary and Charlie. They have some leads and they’re following each and every one. Even if that lead is a dead end, it’s still not a complete dead end. It will be like, ‘Okay, we’ve got to solve this problem.’”

Is it bizarre for you not to be having scenes with Jensen Ackles?

Jared Padalecki: (Laughing) “It’s so wonderful!”

You get more time off.

Jared Padalecki: “No, it’s the opposite. (Laughing) It’s all time on for me. God knows what he’s doing. But, it kind of helps. It’s different for Jared to act as Sam without Dean than with Dean, but Sam is also in a different place. So, it probably bleeds in. It’s like acting well by accident because it is different for Jared to get to work and there’s no Jensen. And it is weird for Sam to be in the bunker and there’s no Dean. So, it’s almost like he looks uncomfortable because he actually is kind of thing. I think life imitates art. It’s going to be a nice little extra flavor.”

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