‘Supernatural’ Season 14 – Misha Collins Interview on Castiel’s Mission and Tracking Michael

The CW Supernatural panel was a huge draw on the final day of the 2018 San Diego Comic Con. The Supernatural cast can always be counted on to conduct a fun Q&A, and they always help finish up the Comic Con weekend on a high note. This year’s group of Supernatural stars included Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Comic Con newbie Alexander Calvert. In addition to the panel, the group also participated in roundtable interviews to further delve into what fans can expect when season 14 kicks off on October 11, 2018.

Misha Collins did a terrific job of withholding spoilers while discussing what’s in store for Castiel in the new season. Here’s what everyone’s favorite angel had to say about season 14, returning guest stars, and Cas and Jack’s relationship.

In season 13 Naomi gave Castiel the bad news that Heaven will cease to exist unless he’s able to find Gabriel. Will he try and help since he’s one of the last remaining angels?

Misha Collins: “Yes. The season starts with us frying other fish. It’s a fish fry sort of season. So, yeah, we’re focusing on retrieving Dean, handling Michael, and there is this sort of ominous looming fact that Heaven’s angels are so depleted that all the ghosts in Heaven could be unleashed on the Earth. So, that’s coming. I think it’s something we’re going to deal with a little later in the season.”

What can you say about Cas’ relationship with Jack in season 14?

Misha Collins: “I think Jack has sort of had this idea of Cas. In that first year he really didn’t spend much time with Cas. But Cas for him sort of took on a bit of a mythological quality as his sort of would-be adopted father or caretaker or guardian angel. And, so, this is really I think our first time where we get to really flush that relationship out at all.

It really is one of passing things down from one generation to another because Jack is going through a lot of the struggles that Cas went through in season five and six – that was a long time ago! Yeah, so there’s a real lot of stuff we get to work on together.”

What does that look like at the beginning of the season? What are the first steps that you take?

Misha Collins: “Well, the first thing that we’re trying to do is find Michael because he’s off our radar and then the next sort of step… I’m not going to reveal too much but our objective at the outset is to find Michael and extract him from Dean’s vessel. That’s sort of our objective. We have conversations about, ‘Is it okay if we destroy the vessel in pursuit of tackling Michael?’ And, we’re split on that.”

Will this be resolved quickly or will it last a bit longer through the season?

Misha Collins: “I’m not telling you.”

What will happen now that there’s this larger group of people who’ll be working together? What’s the dynamic among the group?

Misha Collins: “It’s a constant petty power struggle. A lot of gossiping behind each other’s backs. A lot of backstabbing and undermining one another.”

How does Cas fit into that?

Misha Collins: “He’s the biggest gossip of everybody. I think it’s an interesting place to find ourselves. It hasn’t been typical in Supernatural for us to have such a big cast of known characters. Typically, it’s like two or three core characters and then guest stars who come and go. Now we’ve got a lot of characters that the audience knows well who are alive again and are getting to sort of play out… We’re getting to work with characters that we already know and the nice thing about that is you don’t have to introduce the character and get to know them and figure out what their idiosyncrasies are. You can sort of start with a given entity, and I think that that allows us to play with the storyline in a little bit of a different way.

So, I think it’s kind of an interesting new vibe on the show. Of course, it won’t last. People are going to get picked off or sent away.”

What will be the differences in approaching the problem between Cas and Sam?

Misha Collins: “I think that we’re both nose to the grindstone…shoulder to the grindstone…shoulder to the wheel. What’s the saying? Sh*t! We’re both just trying to focus on the task at hand and we both have a real brass tacks attitude about it. We’re going to figure this out. We’re going to make it happen, and very focused. Cas is very much sort of in hunter mode because of that. He’s just focused.”

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Supernatural star Misha Collins
‘Supernatural’ star Misha Collins at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con ( Photo © 2018 WBEI)