‘American Gods’ Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Come to Jesus, the First Season Finale

American Gods season 1 episode 8

Kristin Chenoweth (Easter), Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon), and Ian McShane (Mr Wednesday) in ‘American Gods’ (Photo Credit: Starz)

Arachnophobes may want to fast forward through the first couple of minutes of Starz’ American Gods season one episode eight. The season finale kicks off with spiders walking around material as Mr. Nancy (Orlando Jones) sews a jacket. He stops what he’s doing and proposes a story. Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) doesn’t think there’s time for a story, but Mr. Nancy insists. A spotlight shines down and organ music plays as Mr. Nancy talks about a powerful queen who had “the gift.”

The scene changes to the Temple of Bar’an where naked men and women are writhing in ecstasy as they worship their queen, Bilquis (Yetide Badaki). No king was able to unseat her from her throne as she absorbed each king as well as her worshippers into herself. Through the millennia Bilquis continued to consume her sexual conquests, yet the kings continued to come after her. She made her home in Tehran for a while until men took up guns and knives, stealing her power and forcing the queen to take a backseat. Still, she remained in the game and absorbed men and women as necessary.

Ultimately, Bilquis made her way to Hollywood where a downturn in fortune led her to forget she was a queen. Homeless, she roamed through the streets until she spotted the Marib Ethiopian Restaurant. With tears in her eyes, she watched through the window as the news reported the destruction of her ancient monuments in Yemen by ISIS forces.

Bilquis was sleeping on the streets when Technical Boy (Bruce Langley) arrived with an offer. He handed her a phone and showed her how easy meeting people is online. She swiped through the photos until she saw a gorgeous photo of herself. She looked up at Technical Boy with hope in her eyes and he asked, “Want to play?”

Mr. Nancy continues his narration, asking Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) if he understands the story’s moral. Shadow thinks it’s either not to compromise or not to make deals with “treacherous mother*ckers.” Neither answer is correct, and Mr. Nancy reveals Mr. Wednesday and Shadow need to get themselves a queen.

However, Shadow’s still not over the fact Mr. Wednesday cut off Vulcan’s head. He’s pissed off and has no idea what Mr. Wednesday’s name is or why they’re sitting around waiting for Mr. Nancy to sew them new coats. Mr. Wednesday suggests Shadow’s not angry yet, but will need to be very soon. “Angry gets sh*t done,” says Mr. Nancy, tossing Shadow a new jacket.

Back on the road, Shadow experiences a new vision of the Bone Orchard and the White Buffalo and then is jarred awake while Mr. Wednesday drives. They’ve just arrived in Kentucky on the way to Wisconsin and as they drive down the road, their car is chased by bunnies. Mr. Wednesday warns Shadow the woman they’re about to meet is something else and that they might not be greeted warmly at first.

The bunnies are now in front of the car and Mr. Wednesday plows through them without slowing down.

They make their way up to a gorgeous house which is lushly landscaped with colorful flowers. Inside, a party is going on and the buffet table is overflowing. It’s Easter Sunday and the pastries look delicious, and Mr. Wednesday explains that when we celebrate the holiday we are doing it in the name of Ostara, also known as Easter, Goddess of the Dawn.

Ricky looks immediately smitten when he lays eyes on Ostara (Kristin Chenoweth) and as he listens to her speak, up walks Jesus Christ who calls Shadow by name, says hi, and walks away. Shadow’s confused that Easter is a God, but then he looks around and sees gods everywhere. “F*ck me,” he says, incredulously. He spots multiple Jesus Christs as Mr. Wednesday explains different religions see different faces. Shadow wonders who Mr. Wednesday actually is, but Mr. Wednesday tells him he wouldn’t believe him if he revealed his true identity.

Ostara’s shocked to see Mr. Wednesday in her home and after a friendly greeting, Ostara is introduced to a blushing Shadow Moon. She likes what she sees.

Ostara takes Shadow’s arm as they walk the grounds, with Mr. Wednesday confessing he’s there to enlist her help, but she wants nothing to do with what he has planned. Ostara can’t take her eyes off Shadow, calling him the sweetest thing she’s ever seen. But then she asks Mr. Wednesday if Shadow’s the one who has everyone worked up. Mr. Wednesday says yes, and then up walks multiple Jesus Christs as Mr. Wednesday reminds her she’s been forgotten on her special day and wonders if anyone prays in her name anymore. “It’s the same every spring. You do all the work, he gets all the prayers,” says Mr. Wednesday, indicating Jesus Christ gets all the attention on Easter. Jesus of Nazareth is upset, not meaning to usurp her special day, and Ostara drags Mr. Wednesday and Shadow back inside the house to yell at them.

Ostara is angry and even cusses, which is unusual on her special day. She can’t believe Mr. Wednesday disrespected the gods – the multiple Jesus Christs – and he reminds her they’re sons of God, not God. Mr. Wednesday wants her to admit people do not worship her and she agrees, saying she’s not a fool.

Mr. Wednesday shows her the blade Vulcan forged in his honor and tells her the New Gods killed Vulcan for pledging his allegiance to him, not them. He reiterates that he needs her on his side and that people will worship her. Mr. Wednesday is nearly desperate to get Ostara on his side and he sends Shadow out of the room, saying he needs a word alone with Ostara.

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