‘Big Sky’ Season 1 Episode 13 Recap: “White Lion”

Big Sky Season 1 Episode 13
Omar Metwally and Kylie Bunbury in ‘Big Sky’ season 1 episode 13 (ABC/Darko Sikman)

We learn Blake’s fate in the opening minutes of ABC’s Big Sky season one episode 13. Michael Raymond-James’ guest-starring run on the primetime drama has come to an end, as Blake is most definitely dead after his brother, J.W., smacked him with a shovel.

Cheyenne (Britt Robertson) watched J.W. (Kyle Schmid) hit Blake but doesn’t leap into action until J.W. drives away. She runs to the shallow grave and finds her favorite brother dead. Cheyenne also locates Cole Danvers’ belt buckle before grabbing her deceased brother and dragging him from the pit.

While all this is going down, Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) and Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) are still questioning Rosie (Michelle Veintimilla) in her cabin. She confesses she told Sheriff Wagy that J.W. and Rand actually attacked her, not Blake, but all he did was warn her of repercussions if she opened her mouth again.

Cassie and Jenny believe her, but their talk is cut short when Rosie’s dad shows up. He orders them to leave, assuring them they have no idea what the Kleinsassers are capable of. He doesn’t want Rosie caught up in this because he knows the Kleinsassers are ruthless.

Jenny gives him her business card just in case he changes his mind.

J.W. returns to find Blake’s body is no longer in the pit.

The following morning, J.W. leads his dad and brother, Rand (Ryan Dorsey), to Blake’s body. It’s now lying at the base of a cliff, and J.W. explains Blake used to like to sit up there and drink. Horst (Ted Levine) thinks Blake jumped and decides they’ll leave his body there until the sheriff arrives.

Ronald (Brian Geraghty) responds to an ad and checks out a used big rig. He sits in the driver’s seat and has a conversation with his dead mom in which he claims to be a good boy now and in love with a special woman.

Meanwhile, Cheyenne searches the internet for info on Cole Danvers. She discovers he’s been reported missing and then reacts to the info by growling at the white lion poster Blake gave her years ago that still hangs on her bedroom wall.

Horst arrives back at the ranch house to deliver the news of Blake’s death. Margaret (Michelle Forbes) reacts with a scream and immediately blames Horst for their son’s death.

Jenny and Cassie are at the hotel trying to figure out their next move when Denise (Dedee Pfeiffer) calls with news of a death at the Kleinsasser ranch. The scanner reported it as a possible suicide but didn’t confirm the identity. Nevertheless, Jenny’s sure Blake’s dead.

Jenny can’t go to the ranch, but she can pay a visit to Sheriff Wagy. She heads out and Cassie warns her to be safe.

Sheriff Wagy (Sebastian Roché) is with Blake’s body at the ranch when he asks Horst how he wants the death listed. Horst says Blake committed suicide, but Margaret’s definitely not on board with that suggestion. Wagy assures Horst he’ll take care of it.

While Margaret and Horst are distracted, Cheyenne whispers to J.W. that he can thank her later.

Ronald heads back to his girlfriend Scarlet’s place and discovers her nosy sister, Mary, is visiting. He eavesdrops as Mary tells Scarlet she’s been thinking about “Arthur.” Mary never forgets a face and is sure there’s something wrong with this new boyfriend. When Scarlet tries to cut her off by saying she’s in love, Mary reminds her about the last time she thought she was in love. Scarlet claims Arthur is nothing like Steve.

Ronald makes his presence known and immediately asks about Steve. Scarlet assures him that her daughter’s father will never come back into the picture.

Mary wants to take a photo for her digital scrapbook and Ronald tries to convince her it’s not a good idea. He finally gives in but suggests Mary join them for the photo. He has her stand between he and Scarlet and says, “You know what they say, don’t you? When three people are photographed together, it’s the middle one that will die first.”

Needless to say, Mary does not smile for the photo.

Jenny demands to see Sheriff Wagy but Angela (Rachel Colwell) at the front desk says it’s not a good time. Angela whispers there was an accident and that it was Blake, and scribbles a note telling Jenny she’ll come to the hotel later to talk. She can’t say anything now for fear of being overheard.

Sheriff Wagy pokes his head into the conversation and suggests Jenny head back home now that Blake’s case is officially closed.

Cheyenne and her mom discuss Blake, and Cheyenne recalls her brother used to let her paint his toenails. It was their little secret. Cheyenne also recalls how as a child her mom told her she could be anything, even a rodeo princess warrior queen. She even remembers the rules of being a RPWQ: Don’t cry. Don’t listen to men. Be nice to dogs. Always be awesome.

Cheyenne reminds her mom crying doesn’t change a thing just as J.W. joins them in the kitchen. He’s there for a private talk with Cheyenne and once they’re alone she knees him in the balls. (With that move Cheyenne is now my favorite Kleinsasser.) Cheyenne’s not afraid of J.W. and warns she’ll tell everyone he killed Blake if he doesn’t start doing what she says. J.W. doesn’t back down, lording over her that the ranch is his and she’ll be dependent on him when their dad dies.

“Go ahead, mess with the white lion. See what happens,” says Cheyenne. She roars in his face before walking away, unintimidated.

Jenny tells Cassie that Blake’s dead and that she has to stick around because Angela’s coming over that evening to talk. Cassie gives Jenny a hug as Jenny reveals she’s not sure about their next move.

Cassie has news of her own to share. Mark Lindor (Omar Metwally) called and said Denise received a tip about Ronald’s whereabouts, and Cassie wants to check it out. Jenny assures Cassie she’ll be okay if she leaves. They hug one final time before Cassie takes off.

Ronald drops off Scarlet, takes her young daughter Phoebe to school, and then heads over to Mary’s place. He’s stolen Scarlet’s phone and knows Mary is on to him after she texts her sister that Arthur isn’t who he says he is.

Ronald demands to be let in but Mary refuses. He barges in anyway, zapping her with a taser to get her under control. He sits at the kitchen table and eats cereal after duct-taping a blanket around Mary. She struggles against her restraints as Ronald wonders aloud what Mary’s been up to. He cuts an opening in the blanket and duct tape so she can speak and Mary claims she didn’t tell anyone what she discovered.

Ronald realizes that’s a lie after checking her search history and finding she looked up the Dewey & Hoyt detective agency. He claims he’s a fair person but she can’t be trusted. Mary admits she left a voice mail telling them to call her back.

Ronald asks if she truly believes he’s a killer and she replies with a scream, “You’re a monster!” She keeps repeating that even though Ronald warns her to stop. He slashes away at her face until she’s finally quiet.

Back at the ranch, J.W. and Rand dispose of Cole Danvers’ skeleton in a barrel containing something that looks like acid. Rand claims he can’t remember actually killing him and J.W. informs his brother Blake was going to tell everyone what Rand did. Rand wonders if that’s why Blake killed himself.

Rand saves a bone from the skeleton, explaining he wants to bury it someplace special. J.W. takes it from him, tosses it in the barrel, and assures his little brother he’ll always have his back. He explains Cheyenne needs to be watched because she’s been talking about things she shouldn’t discuss.

Cassie arrives at the detective agency and Mark’s already there with Denise and Jerrie (Jesse James Keitel). They play Cassie the answering machine message and Denise is positive the call from Mary Leyendecker is the real deal. She sounds scared to death on the recording.

Jenny has a short meeting with Cheyenne and although Cheyenne won’t reveal the truth, she offers Jenny the name Cole Danvers. Jenny informs Cheyenne that J.W. and Rand staged the attack on Rosie after drugging her and Blake.

After their meeting, Jenny calls Denise and has her do a search on Cole Danvers. Denise says a missing person report was filed on him 15 years ago. She’ll do a more thorough search and let her know what she finds.

Big Sky Season 1 Episode 13
Britt Robertson and Kyle Schmid in ‘Big Sky’ episode 13 (ABC/Darko Sikman)

J.W. and Rand confront Cheyenne, determined to find out what she told Jenny. Cheyenne won’t tell them anything and is unshaken by J.W.’s threats. After she walks off, J.W. tells his younger brother they have to see Jenny.

Cassie and Mark take off to pay a visit to Mary. They get to know each other better on the way to Mary’s place and Mark reveals his sister was abducted. She’s never been found but a man did confess to taking her. He blames himself because he was there but didn’t see it happen.

Ronald sings as he cleans up the blood spatters at Mary’s place. He’s not quite finished when Cassie and Mark knock on Mary’s door. Her car’s in the driveway so they believe she’s home.

Mary, obviously, is incapable of responding and Ronald drags her body out of view of the windows as Cassie and Mark check the doors.

Cassie wonders if they should come back but Mark notices a doll dropped on the floor and what appears to be blood. They bust in, guns drawn, and call out for Mary. She doesn’t respond and Mark finds a door to the basement. They look around and Cassie notices a freezer with a lock on it. Mark breaks it open and inside is a stinky body wrapped in cellophane. It’s not Mary’s because whoever it is has been dead too long. (It’s got to be Steve, right?)

Angela shows up at the hotel and she’s really frightened. She’s worried Sheriff Wagy will find out she’s talking to Jenny and reveals even the clerk at the front desk reports to the Kleinsassers. Angela hands Jenny a toxicology report that confirms Blake didn’t attack Rosie and that Sheriff Wagy covered it up.

Angela needs a stiff drink to loosen up before she spills the beans. Jenny fetches one and promises to protect her. Their talk comes to a sudden unexpected end when a truck slams into the hotel room. Jenny grabs Angela and tries to pull her out of the way. A scream is heard and season one episode 13 ends without revealing if either woman was injured.