‘Prodigal Son’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: “Exit Strategy”

Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 10
Lou Diamond Phillips, Aurora Perrineau, Frank Harts and Tom Payne in ‘Prodigal Son’ season 2 episode 10 (Photo by Phil Caruso © 2021 Fox Media LLC)

Season two episode 10 of Fox’s Prodigal Son begins with Dr. Vivian Capshaw (Catherine Zeta-Jones) dreaming of performing surgery alongside Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen). In the dream, they compliment each other and Martin calls her brilliant. He claims she was destined to wind up at Claremont with him.

Vivian’s dream is actually a nightmare that ends with a disturbing image of her death.

Malcolm (Tom Payne) shocks his mom by being wide awake and downstairs in his loft when she attempts to sneak out with a box filled with papers. Jessica (Bellamy Young) admits she retrieved paperwork from the “never ever room,” a room meant to shut away Martin’s belongings. She needed items from that room to help her dive into memories for the book.

Malcolm reveals he’s determined to cut off his dad and is ignoring his calls. Jessica’s proud of her son, calling Martin a malignant tumor. She’s happy Malcolm’s moving on with his life and hopes that means he now has time to become involved in a romantic relationship.

Jessica becomes distracted by a bank key she finds in the box and wonders why Martin, who didn’t do the banking, would be in possession of that key.

Over at Claremont, Martin paces the floor while waiting for Malcolm to pick up the phone. He blames the phone for not working but Mr. David (Esau Pritchett) corrects him – the phone works, Malcolm’s not picking up. Martin asks to send his son a text but that’s big no from Mr. David. Instead, Martin’s forced to the rec room for the start of his busy day.

Plans to break out are still in the works and Friar Pete (Christian Borle) believes today’s the day. However, Martin’s passed on word that it will be tomorrow. Martin apparently wants to talk to his son first before they escape.

With or without Martin, Friar Pete’s breaking out tomorrow.

While Friar Pete’s moving forward with his plans, Daryl’s confessing to Dr. Capshaw that he was cut off from his friends because Dr. Martin Whitly is now the “head of the snake.”

And now we get to the murder of the week… Season two episode 10’s murder investigation centers on Rosalie Howard who, according to Edrisa (Keiko Agena), died after a blow to the back of her head. A nearby crystal is the murder weapon. Although she died quickly, the killer continued to bash her head in. Malcolm thinks that’s because the killer has an impulse control disorder.

Dani (Aurora Perrineau) is sure Rosalie knew her killer, given that she’s still in pajamas. Malcolm adds that he thinks they were intimate.

The killer was interrupted before he/she could clean up and that’s because a witness called the police from a landline. Malcolm scopes out the neighborhood and quickly points out an elderly man watching the place through binoculars.

(Dani lands a zinger by saying only old people have landlines and of course Gil admits to having one.)

The neighbor won’t let them in, so they barge through the door of what turns out to be chess Grandmaster Gerald Morris’ home. Gerald disappeared off the scene years ago and based on the items in his house, Malcolm figures out Gerald’s agoraphobic and isn’t in trouble. Even though he doesn’t answer when they call out, Gil announces the team must leave since they don’t have a legal reason to be in his place without his permission.

After they leave, Gerald sneaks downstairs and locks the front door.

Malcolm didn’t actually leave and Gerald’s shocked when he realizes he’s not alone, pulling a gun and pointing it at Malcolm’s head. He demands to know why Malcolm’s in his house and Malcolm explains they just want to know who killed Rosalie.

Malcolm knows the antique gun inches from his face won’t fire and finally gets Gerald to talk. Gerald admits he’s been inside since March 1997 and confesses he saw Rosalie’s murderer. Because Gerald’s not comfortable around people, Malcolm suggests just one detective will take his statement.

Dani questions Gerald and he confirms he’s been watching the neighborhood just as a distraction. He explains Rosalie fell in love months ago and her boyfriend always came over late. A man of the same height and hairstyle struggled with Rosalie and then left her place after the murder.

Malcolm believes Gerald still uses skills from chess and has extensive knowledge of his neighborhood. Gerald agrees and says he knows all about the jobs, relationships, and even cars of his neighbors. He says Rosalie’s boyfriend drove a red Porsche and he even offers up the license plate number.

Back at Claremont, Vivian follows Friar Pete into a restricted area. She spies on him as he speaks to rats and does something she can’t make out with a trap. Vivian’s in the process of calling for help when he sneaks up on her and demands she hang up. Little does Friar Pete know but Vivian is quite capable of handling herself physically. She hits him with the phone (a landline) and follows that up with a few well-placed kicks.

Vivian tells Friar Pete to stay down so she can call security. She knows about the rats and the stolen key card but doesn’t know what he has planned. Friar Pete warns her to not call security or he’ll flip on Martin. He knows about her and Martin, and chuckles as he reveals she’ll get fired and Martin will go in the hole for being in a relationship.

Vivian has little choice but to hang up the phone.

Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 10
Aurora Perrineau, Frank Harts, Tom Payne and Lou Diamond Phillips in ‘Prodigal Son’ season 2 episode 10 (Photo by Phil Caruso © 2021 Fox Media LLC)

Back at the station, the team pulls together everything they’ve learned about the boyfriend, Clayton Fielder. He’s an investment banker and Malcolm believes his high-pressure job caused him to snap.

Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) and Dani note Malcolm’s declined yet another call from Martin. When he says he’s doing a serial killer cleanse, Gil says it appears to be helping as he looks like he actually got some sleep.

They discuss whether they can get Gerald to court and if he’d be a good witness. Malcolm believes he’s a genius and would be excellent, but Dani’s not so sure because of his agoraphobia.

JT (Frank Harts) receives a text revealing Clayton will be at a poker game that very evening.

Malcolm finally gives in and answers Martin’s call. Martin’s desperate to talk but Malcolm informs his dad he needs to take a break. He hangs up before Martin can tell him his important news.

Clayton’s brought in to be interrogated and claims he’s innocent; he loved Rosalie. Malcolm asks about the visible scars on his neck and Clayton says they’re from a car wreck, not previous domestic disputes. Once they explain there’s a witness, he asks if it’s the weird man from across the street. Clayton claims Rosalie hated Gerald and she even confronted him a month ago, demanding he stop watching her.

Malcolm returns to Gerald’s place to find out why he lied. A nuanced discussion over a game of chess reveals Gerald knows how Malcolm feels about Dani. Malcolm claims they’re just friends/partners but Gerald knows that’s a lie. If Malcolm comes clean, Gerald will too.

Malcolm admits Dani doesn’t know how he feels and never will – for her own safety. Malcolm wonders if Gerald actually has agoraphobia or is simply a voyeur. He reminds Gerald lots of serial killers started as peeping Toms, and Gerald’s forced to admit he was obsessed with everyone, not just Rosalie. The people outside his window are his only connection to the world.

Gerald confirms Rosalie was angry he watched her and screamed at him through the intercom. But then she noticed all the delivery bags outside and put two-and-two together. Rosalie wound up bringing him fresh groceries. “Rosalie helped an old grouch, and I couldn’t help her,” admits Gerald.

As they’re talking Gerald notices someone’s inside Rosalie’s place.

Malcolm heads over to check it out just as a man who looks exactly like Clayton exits Rosalie’s building. He has neck tattoos but otherwise he could be Clayton. Malcolm immediately calls Dani to tell her Clayton’s twin is the killer.

While Malcolm’s sure a twin’s the only explanation, Gil’s unconvinced. JT arrives with a file and confirms Clayton has a twin and that Felix has been after Clayton for years. They both used to work for a cartel but Clayton left that behind, and Felix has been searching for Clayton since. He apparently found Rosalie who assumed he was Clayton and let him in.

Gil’s sure this means they’ll need Gerald to leave his house to testify.

Vivian has a private chat with Martin, surprised he’s so calm after learning Friar Pete knows about their relationship. Martin thinks Friar Pete’s relationship with the rats is sexual, and then promises he’ll handle everything. He confesses he feels renewed being a doctor again and that she’s his muse.

The atmosphere is uncomfortable when Jessica arrives unexpectedly and interrupts their chat. After Vivian leaves, Jessica demands to know about the bank key she found. He jokes it’s the key to his heart and then claims he doesn’t remember what it goes to.

Martin suggests she stop fishing for trouble and then it dawns on Jessica he’s cheery. She realizes he’s up to something and wonders if it involves Vivian. Martin thinks she can crack the key mystery herself if she follows the clues.

While this is taking place, Martin’s co-conspirators are setting their escape plan in motion.

Martin’s called in to help in the infirmary. Friar Pete poisoned the inmates’ food and the infirmary is packed with violently ill patients. Vivian figures out the patients have ingested rat poison and Martin wants to be freed from his handcuffs so he can help her save lives.

Vivian has no other choice and unlocks Martin.

They work feverishly to get fluids into their patients, and Vivian hands Martin her key card to retrieve more supplies from the stock room. He immediately exits the infirmary through a door that definitely doesn’t lead to the stock room and Vivian calls out for him to stop.

Before she can follow him out, he locks the door behind him while confessing it’s difficult to leave this all behind. She screams for him to stop but he doesn’t listen.

Malcolm returns to Gerald’s place and explains what they need. He’s sure Gerald can leave if he wants to, but Gerald refuses to consider it.

Dani reports in to Gil with news Clayton’s been located but Felix beat him severely. Felix is now headed over to Gerald’s place to kill the only witness.

Dani texts Malcolm to warn him about Felix but it’s too late. Instead of running when Felix arrives, they hide. Felix stalks them throughout the house, urging Gerald to come out.

Malcolm asks Gerald to figure out their next move, knowing he needs to convince the master chess player the only move is to run outside.

Back at Claremont, Jessica’s trapped inside, pounding on doors for help and screaming as she runs into dozens of rats. She replays Martin’s words in her head and figures out Martin’s attempting to escape!

She continues screaming, trying to warn the staff about the escape in progress. She fails to get anyone’s attention and then realizes she can call Gil. “I am trapped at Claremont! The guards are all gone, the doors are all locked, and there are rats. Something terrible is happening,” says Jessica before adding that Martin is escaping.

Gil warns her to find something to defend herself with and assures her he’s on his way.

Martin and his cohorts sneak through the hallways, evading capture.

Jessica’s ready to use her high heels as weapons when she discovers she’s locked in with Martin’s enemy, Daryl. He recognizes her as Martin’s wife and is about to stab her when she makes her move, stabbing him in the ear with one of the heels.

Martin hears her scream and momentarily stops his escape to make a call. The ringing cell catches Felix’s attention, but Malcolm’s not with the phone when Felix locates it.

Gerald and Malcolm slowly, methodically make their way toward the door, with Gerald calling the shots. They’re feet from the front door when Gerald freezes up. Malcolm reminds him Rosalie would want him to live.

They make a run for it and Gerald momentarily stops just outside the door. Malcolm urges him to run across the street as Felix follows in hot pursuit.

Fortunately, Dani is in the right place at the exact right time. She speeds up and knocks Felix to the ground with her car.

Gil and other officers arrive at Claremont and find Jessica. He believes she’s safe now but Jessica’s sure if Martin’s free no one is safe. And as we learn in the next scene, Martin and his two accomplices have in fact escaped Claremont.

Malcolm’s proud of Gerald and Gerald believes now’s the time for Malcolm to tell Dani how he feels. Just as Malcolm’s about to make his move he picks up a voicemail from his dad. Martin claims he’s no longer a killer and his next moves will be all about keeping the family safe.

“Everything I’m doing, everything I’ve done, it’s all for you, for us,” says Martin.

He hopes Malcolm can find him, claiming Malcolm’s the only one who can.

Dani confirms Martin escaped. (Damn you and your rotten timing, Dr. Martin Whitly!)