‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: “Gettin’ Right to It”

Big Sky season 2 Episode 4
Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury in ‘Big Sky’ season 2 episode 4 (ABC/Michael Moriatis)

Harper’s freaked out by the stranger parked in a van outside her home as ABC’s Big Sky season two episode four gets underway. She decides to confront the man and marches outside in the dark. Before he can say a word Harper (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson) sprays him in the face and runs away, screaming.

Season two episode three left off with Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) and Jerrie (Jesse James Keitel) ready to search the construction trailer for any sign of Tonya. Episode four picks up with them arriving at the trailer and Ren (Janina Gavankar) watching from inside as Tonya (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) fights against her gag and restraints. Ren warns her to be quiet as outside Cassie and Jerrie realize someone’s inside the trailer.

Cassie and Jerrie pull their guns and are advancing as Ren emerges from the trailer with her hands raised. Cassie remembers her from the diner and introduces herself and Jerrie. They explain why they’re searching the area and Tonya takes the opportunity to pound the floor inside the trailer.

Cassie asks if they can look around the lot and Ren agrees. They search cargo containers and then ask if they can go inside the trailer, and Ren tries to stop them. They barge in anyway, but apparently Donno (Ryan O’Nan) was smart enough to hide Tonya in a closet before they walked in.

Cassie and Jerrie advise Ren she shouldn’t be out there alone with a murderer wandering the woods.

Daylight arrives and Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) continues to go over the crime scene in the café. Unfortunately, there weren’t any security cameras and the café is in a remote location so there aren’t any witnesses to interview.

Cassie and Jerrie join Jenny and explain the woman Cassie meet at the diner where Tonya works was the only one they located on the property during their search. Neither Cassie nor Jenny has a good feeling about the woman and believe her appearance at the construction site was too coincidental.

Jenny believes the dogs will be able to pick up Tonya’s trail, if she was on foot.

Cassie suggests Jenny meet with Travis and learn who the cartel sent since that could help with their investigation. Jenny insists she wants to keep “proper professional boundaries.” However, she’s unable to keep a straight face after saying that and reluctantly agrees to ask him about the cartel’s cleaner.

Travis (Logan Marshall-Green) greets her at his hotel room door with two bottles of beer and huge smile. Jenny cuts right to the chase and asks about Tonya, and Travis insists the cartel would have already killed her if they took her. “They are thorough and they are ruthless,” says Travis.

Jenny insists since Tonya escaped once, it’s possible she’s still alive. Travis agrees to work Dietrich, the local who runs everything, for any info that might be helpful in finding Tonya.

Business concluded, Jenny and Travis can now engage in a little pleasure.

While they’re inside making love, Dietrich (David Meunier) and Travis’ contact pull up outside. The contact confirms he checked out Travis and was told he’s a solid dude.

Meanwhile, Bridger (Jeremy Ray Taylor) is home alone when crooked Deputy Harvey (Michael Malarkey) shows up at his door. Bridger refuses to answer his knock and hides while Harvey looks in the windows. Deputy Harvey leaves and Bridger immediately texts the group requesting a meeting.

Unfortunately, Bridger’s so busy with his phone he doesn’t look around him as he gets ready to get into his car. Deputy Harvey grabs him from behind and drags him away.

Max (Madelyn Kientz) and Harper chat about the creeper in the van as they walk to their meeting with Harper’s co-worker who’s going to sell their stolen drugs. He asks questions about where they obtained the drugs and Harper warns him to stop. He says he’ll get back to them with numbers, but they pull out of the discussion when Max receives Bridger’s urgent text to meet up.

Madison (Lola Skye Reid) arrives home and discovers Bridger’s phone is on the ground beside his car.

Over at the detective agency, Jerrie’s initially rude to Mark Lindor (Omar Metwally) when he shows up to see Cassie. (Mark isn’t picking up on the fact Jerrie’s interested in him.) Cassie’s not there and Jerrie reminds him he’s supposed to give Cassie her space. Jerrie apologizes and claims her rotten mood is because they’re so busy. She won’t tell Mark what’s going on with Tonya but does share three crazy messages they received on the Ronald Pergman tip line. However, she also received a tip from a land surveyor who saw a man matching Ronald’s description outside a remote cabin standing by a woman who looks like Scarlet.

Denise (Dedee Pfeiffer) puts in her two cents and it’s obvious she thinks Jerrie’s wasting her time chasing down these leads. Denise suggests they just accept Ronald’s gone, but Jerrie’s not ready for that. Mark agrees to go with her to check out the cabin which happens to be fairly close by.

Cassie meets up with Jenny to check in on what she learned from Travis. Jenny admits things are going well with Travis and that he makes her happy. She wonders if Cassie will ever give Mark a chance, and Cassie laughs and says, “Maybe. I’ve got Kai to consider. I’m just going to take things slow.”

“Screw slow,” responds Jenny.

News that the K9 unit found something cuts their heart-to-heart short.

Travis meets with Dietrich and assures him he’s ready, willing, and able to find the shipment that went missing. Dietrich wonders why Travis is staying in a motel and if he’s carrying. Travis confirms he is just as Ren and Donno show up for a meeting with Dietrich. Travis quickly figures out he’s there to have Dietrich’s back if things go sideways.

Ren introduces herself as the new better-looking boss and Dietrich cuts to the chase, asking about the location of his drugs and money. Ren was about to ask the same thing since the drugs and money disappeared from the truck before her man (Deputy Harvey) got there to kill Dietrich’s man, Big Sam, who was attempting to steal from the cartel.

Dietrich wonders why they’re in town and assures them he’ll take care of his own business without their help. Ren doesn’t back down and is equally certain she’s the one in charge of the situation. Dietrich threatens her which only earns a chuckle from Ren and Donno.

Dietrich’s angered by their response, and Travis gets the drop on Donno as he reaches for his gun. Ren, who’s impressed with Travis, leaves with Donno without anyone having to resort to gunfire.

Bridger comes to and finds himself in the back of Deputy Harvey’s squad car without his phone. Harvey wants to discuss the crime he wanted to report, and Bridger claims it was just a school project he was working on. Harvey doesn’t buy it and warns Bridger the woman he works for wants her stuff back – and she’s not someone to be messed with.

Jenny and Cassie join the K9 unit’s search and confirm the dog’s on Tonya’s trail. There’s a faint line of blood that leads into the pond. They’ve recovered a piece of Tonya’s clothing and although Deputy Poppernak is certain Tonya’s now fish food, Cassie insists they act like she’s alive until they find her body.

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 4
Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson, Lola Skye Reid, and Madelyn Kientz in ‘Big Sky’ season 2 episode 4 (ABC/Michael Moriatis)

Madison arrives at Bridger’s meeting with news her brother’s missing. She believes something bad’s happened and Max and Harper promise they’ll help her find him.

Jerrie and Mark arrive at the cabin and no one’s there but it’s evident someone was there recently. They look around but don’t find any clues as to Ronald’s whereabouts. Jerrie’s sure they’re on the right trail, but Mark’s convinced they’re looking for a “needle in a stack of needles” at this point.

Mark promises he’ll have the place dusted and then admits he Googled her and found out she has a great voice. She confesses that was part of her life before Ronald and Legarski. Now, she needs to finish the hunt for Ronald in order to keep him from doing to other women what he did to her. She finishes her confession by kissing Mark on his lips.

Harvey tapes Bridger into a chair and demands to know what he did with the bags. Bridger holds strong and doesn’t admit anything until Harvey promises to let him go. Bridger reluctantly gives up his sister, Madison. Deputy Harvey calls Madison and says he’ll swap Bridger for the bags of drugs and cash. She needs to drop them off in an hour, alone.

Cassie and Denise are debating whether Tonya knew about Big Sam’s involvement with drugs when a disheveled Tonya shows up out of nowhere. Jenny joins them to learn what happened, and Tonya claims Deputy Harvey killed the café owner. She also claims he wanted info on Big Sam’s disappearance and hit her. She places all the blame on Harvey and never mentions Ren or Donno. “He told me he killed Sam and he was going to do the same thing to me,” says Tonya.

Ren’s certain they made the right decision in trusting Tonya to place the blame on Deputy Harvey. Donno’s not so sure and Ren promises he can kill Tonya’s family if she’s wrong. Ren’s plan is to get to Harvey before the police do.

Meanwhile, Max, Harper, and Madison lug the bags of cash and drugs through the woods. Harper suggests they only take one bag to Harvey and use the second bag as leverage to make sure he releases Bridger.

Cassie and Jenny take Tonya back to the station and join Sheriff Tubb in questioning the waitress. Tonya claims Harvey warned he’d kill her family if she went to the police and that’s why she went to Cassie first.

Tubb requests a chat with Jenny outside of his office and Cassie follows, upset Tubb doesn’t believe Tonya’s story. Jenny and Cassie want to question Harvey now, but Tubb doesn’t want them to tip their hand. Plus, Harvey’s never been in trouble before and Tubb wants to be 100% certain of what’s going on before they approach the deputy.

Jenny’s adamant Harvey needs to be brought in immediately since they have a signed witness statement. Plus she’s now convinced he’s the one who tipped off the cartel they were onto them.

Sheriff Tubb stands firm and orders Jenny and Cassie to stand down for now. And, of course, they don’t listen.

The walls are closing in on Harvey as Ren drops Donno off down the road from his place, instructing him to make sure no one comes down the road.

Harper, Max, and Madison sneak up on Harvey’s location to see if they can spot Bridger. They do, and also confirm Harvey’s got him tied up.

Madison knocks on the front door without any bags and tells Harvey he’ll have to come with her if he wants them. But first she needs to see for herself Bridger’s alive. Harvey grabs her and takes her inside. Judging by Max’s expression, that is not what they expected to happen.

Cassie and Jenny are driving down the road leading to Harvey’s place when Donno opens fire. A bullet shatters the windshield and additional bullets force them to pull over and hunker down. Jenny grabs her gun and prepares to return fire.

The Ronald Pergman vs Wolf Legarski Storyline:

Ronald (Brian Geraghty) comes to after attempting to run away and discovers Wolf’s placed a choke collar around his neck. If he steps out of line, Wolf (John Carroll Lynch) will use a remote to tighten the collar. The collar will only come off when Ronald earns Wolf’s trust.

Wolf reveals Ronald would have been killed by the people his twin brother worked for if he hadn’t stepped in and made a deal for Ronald’s life. Wolf’s plan is to use Ronald as a tool to restore his family’s good name. He wants Ronald to be reborn, but Ronald insists he’s fine just the way he is.

They discuss their mothers and we learn Wolf’s mom loved Rick more. Ronald explains his mom thought he had potential, but he was never able to live up to her expectations. Ronald thinks his urges kept him from living up to his potential.

Hours later, Wolf allows Ronald to have a treat since he put in hard work. Wolf declares it’s Two-for-Tuesday and rewards Ronald with cereal and some private time with Scarlet.

During their private time Ronald suggests Scarlet try and get the remote from Wolf. She refuses and seems convinced Wolf’s actually trying to help them heal and change into better people.