‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: “Huckleberry”

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 2
Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury in ‘Big Sky’ season 2 episode 2 (ABC/Michael Moriatis)

ABC’s Big Sky season two episode two finds our two favorite detectives collaborating on a case and Ronald being formally introduced to Rick Legarski’s twin brother. Although it’s the lesser of the two concurrent storylines, Ronald and the new Legarski (also played by John Carroll Lynch) open the episode.

This Legarski’s name is Wolfgang and Ronald (Brian Geraghty) reveals Rick always referred to his brother as a weak, degenerate hippie. There was no love lost between the siblings as Wolfgang’s description of his dead twin’s character is equally as insulting. Wolf promises he’ll undo the evil Rick committed, and part of that redemption process is “helping” Ronald master his urges.

Wolf reveals Ronald will need to earn the privilege of speaking with Scarlet. Wolf believes in tough love and suggests Ronald needs to accept his position at the bottom of the pack. He allows Ronald to see Scarlet’s working in the garden but that’s as close as he lets him to come to his psycho killer girlfriend.

From the way he praises Scarlet, it’s obvious Wolf has no idea what she’s capable of. (And that’s a wrap on Ronald’s storyline in season two episode two.)

Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) carries around the rock with the heart drawn on it as she inspects the crime scene. The driver’s missing and Jenny notes whoever he was, he scratched off the truck’s VIN. She continues to inspect the vehicle and locates blood in a crease on the backseat. It’s fresh enough that it comes off on her pen.

Travis (Logan Marshall-Green) gets caught up in the roadblock around the accident and tells Jenny the delay will cause him to be late to work. Jenny reveals there’s blood at the scene, and they flirt a little as he asks her to let him through. She waves him through with a smile.

Elsewhere, Bridger (Jeremy Ray Taylor) and his sister Madison (Lola Skye Reid) debate the pros and cons of talking to the cops. Bridger’s worried the killer saw them, but Madison’s equally positive they’re in the clear.

It’s confirmed Bridger’s suspicions are correct when the guy who spied on them up at the ridge is shown seated in a vehicle outside their home.

Mark Lindor (Omar Metwally) shows up at the detective agency to take Jerrie (Jesse James Keitel) gun shopping and is pulled aside by Cassie (Kylie Bunbury). She wonders if he’s learned anything about murdered state trooper Dewey but he confirms he can’t go near the files until he’s reinstated. Cassie blames herself for putting her son in harm’s way and Mark suggests they proceed carefully. Cassie appears unwilling to follow his lead, determined to protect her family.

Meanwhile, a woman who looks really out of place in Montana disembarks a private jet at the local airport. She’s snobby to the guy on the ground and steals his cowboy hat, despite the fact he refuses to sell it to her. Her minion, Donno (Ryan O’Nan), is about to resort to violence when the now hat-less man decides it’s best to lose a hat rather than his life.

The woman, who it turns out is named Ren (Janina Gavankar), warns Donno they need to stop cutting up people. This time they’re just going to follow the money and find their drugs.

Bridger’s still feeling guilty about not reporting the crash and shows up at the sheriff’s office to give a statement. He’s seated in the lobby when Deputy Harvey (Michael Malarkey) walks by whistling the same tune the killer whistled while shooting the driver at the crash scene.

By the time Jenny makes it to the lobby to talk to him, Bridger has taken off without saying anything.

Max (Madelyn Kientz) comes home to find that her mom, Rachel (T.V. Carpio), has been drinking. She claims she fell off the wagon because she has a toothache and can’t afford a visit to the dentist. Max hates seeing her mother this way and says she’ll use her babysitting money to pay the dentist. (Maybe having Max be the one to hide the bags of money and drugs wasn’t the best idea…)

A waitress named Tonya (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) asks Cassie to help her find her missing boyfriend. His name’s Big Sam and he mysteriously disappeared on his way to pick her up. Cassie assures her she can help.

There’s cause to celebrate at the agency as Jerrie has just passed her test and is officially a private investigator. Denise (Dedee Pfeiffer) is into it, decorating Jerrie’s desk and hanging congratulations banners. Cassie’s reaction is more subdued and business-like. She asks if Jerrie’s found anything out about Sam, and Jerrie thinks there’s something weird about him. He was living beyond his means and they’re not sure what he actually does for a job.

Max checks in after receiving a text from Cassie, and Cassie asks if she can babysit on Saturday. As they’re chatting, Max does a double take when she spots a photo of Big Sam on Cassie’s desk. Cassie notices Max’s reaction, but Max claims she’s never seen the man before.

Jerrie and Mark relax over dinner and drinks at a restaurant, and Jerrie insists they steer the conversation away from work. Mark asks her advice on how to get through to Cassie, and Jerrie suggests he stop trying so hard. “Cassie’s got walls…high ones,” says Jerrie.

The teens gather back at the ridge to share updates on the crash investigation. Bridger informs them the killer was a cop – and the cop has seen his face. Fortunately, Bridger believes the cop didn’t recognize him. Max confesses she gave her mom $2,000 and then distributes the same amount to each of them. They’re all cool with that.

Harper (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson) suggests they wait a few months and if there aren’t any new developments, they’ll divide up the remaining money. As for the drugs, they think the best solution is to get rid of them quickly.

Harper and Max are walking home from the meetup when the strange man from the mountains approaches them. “I saw you,” he says as they turn and walk away. He yells after them and Max screams for him to leave them alone. Max pepper sprays him before running off with Harper.

Jenny shows up late at night at Travis’ hotel room rocking a UB40 T-shirt but pauses outside his door. She’s shocked to discover he’s in the room with a woman and sees them kiss through the window. She takes off without making her presence known.

Deputy Harvey fills Ren and Donno in on the investigation into the crash. He explains Sam’s truck has been taken to the station to be checked out but he cleaned it up first. He swears he did the best he could, but Ren’s pissed the money and drugs are missing. Ren wonders if he took them; he claims he’s innocent.

Harvey’s sure Sam’s girlfriend, Tonya, isn’t involved in this. He’s known her for years and thinks she’s a good girl. Ren informs him they’ll take things from here. Before Harvey leaves, he warns them not to assume they can come to town and make messes. “This is Montana,” says Harvey.

The following morning Travis shows up at Jenny’s and apparently he knows she stopped by the hotel. He claims the woman she saw him with was just part of his undercover work. “She’s the front for a connection I’ve been trying to make,” says Travis.

Travis suggests they lay down some ground rules to make their relationship work. Jenny puts a temporary halt to the relationship conversation because she’s late for work. When she mentions the truck involved in the crash didn’t have a VIN, it sparks Travis’ interest. There’s a possibility it’s connected to what he’s working on. It might have to do with a missing drug shipment.

Jerrie informs Cassie she discovered Sam purchased one-way tickets to Cabo. Tonya didn’t mention them before, and Cassie confronts her at the diner. Tonya explains it’s complicated and can’t talk about this at work.

When Tonya steps away from the counter to serve customers, it’s revealed Ren’s seated a few chairs down from Cassie. She asks about the best pie to eat and Cassie suggests huckleberry. (So the title isn’t a reference to Tombstone after all.)

Cassie leaves and Ren’s joined by Donno. They both order huckleberry pie from Tonya and then reveal they’re old friends of Big Sam’s.

Jenny takes a closer look at the truck and discovers a hidden smuggling compartment containing a gun. She hopes they can pull a print from it.

Back at the detective agency, Cassie shows Jenny her file on Big Sam. Jenny thinks it’s a weird coincidence she’s looking for the same guy after pulling his prints off the gun. They decide to team up and talk to Tonya.

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 2
Madelyn Kientz and Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson in ‘Big Sky’ season 2 episode 2 (ABC/Michael Moriatis)

Max returns home and is confronted by T-Lock (Arturo Del Puerto) who demands to know where she got the money. She lies and claims it was babysitting money.

A short while later Max confesses to her BFF Harper she’s worried he didn’t believe it. The situation’s getting too messy, what with her mom’s boyfriend sensing she’s lying and Cassie looking into the accident. Max confesses she saw the dead driver’s face in a file at Cassie’s and Harper reminds her no one knows anything. Max thinks they need to bring Bridger and Madison into the loop. Harper’s leery of that since their parents are lawyers.

Harper thinks instead of dumping the drugs they should sell them. A guy she knows could do it for them and they’d get a cut of the profits. Harper wants Max to get a sample to give to this guy. If it’s too sketchy, they’ll call it off.

Tonya’s packing a bag when Ren and Donno bust in. They want their money and drugs, but Tonya claims not to know anything. She’s knocked out and her place is ransacked.

Cassie and Jenny drive over to Tonya’s place anxious to discover what she really knows. They arrive after Ren and Donno have searched the place. Tonya’s gone and they assume she’s been taken.

Max takes a small bag of drugs from the shed and is stopped in her tracks by T-Lock as she attempts to run across the lawn. T-Lock pries her hand open and discovers the drugs.

Ren and Donno have indeed kidnapped Tonya and have her gagged and bound in the backseat of their car as season two episode two ends.