‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: “Heart-Shaped Charm”

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 6
Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury in ‘Big Sky’ season 2 episode 6 (ABC/John Britt)

The final seconds of ABC’s Big Sky season two episode five found Travis blowing Cassie and Jenny’s cover. Season two episode six – “Heart-Shaped Charm” – picks up seconds later with guns raised in a stand-off. Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) and Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) reluctantly lower their weapons and leave, but Jenny gives Travis (Logan Marshall-Green-2) a withering glance as she walks away.

Dietrich (David Meunier) reveals he only allowed them to live because of the security cameras in the bar’s parking lot.

The following morning Harper (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson) spots the “creeper” in the van outside her house and wakes him from a sound sleep. She thanks him for saving her life, and he refuses to explain why he’s helping them. He warns Harper “they” won’t stop looking for her and she confirms she’s aware of that.

After she leaves, he winces in pain from the stab wound to his side.

Cassie pays a visit to Max (Madelyn Kientz), her son’s babysitter, to return Max’s keys her dad found in the couch. Cassie asks about a specific charm on the keychain and Max lies and says a lot of kids have those at her school. It just means she’s single.

Max joins the gang at The Ridge and Harper’s freaking out because she’s lost her keychain. Max puts two and two together and determines Harper dropped it at Deputy Harvey’s place which is why Cassie seemed so interested in her charm. It matched the one Harper left at the crime scene.

Over at the detective agency, Mark Lindor (Omar Metwally) and Denise (Dedee Pfeiffer) are creeped out by how much Wolf Legarski looks like Rick. They wonder if he knew what Rick was up to, and Denise reveals Jerrie found Wolf’s address before she left on her road trip.

Cassie shows up and says she could use Mark’s help. She doesn’t ask but instead assumes they’ll go out for lunch.

Jenny and Travis meet up and Travis assures her it could have gone a lot worse. Jenny admits she’s worried about him and Travis shocks her by saying they need to cool things down. He doesn’t allow her to respond before taking off. (Travis doesn’t notice Smiley’s followed him and watches as he meets with Jenny.)

Max returns home and learns her mom – who she swore to secrecy – has told her boyfriend, T-Lock, everything. T-Lock believes the solution is to call the police from a payphone, a suggestion Max shoots down. Apparently, Max didn’t tell her mom what was in the bags and when she finally does (lying that she spent all the cash), T-Lock declares he’ll take care of everything. She just needs to hand over the bag of drugs to him.

Over lunch, Cassie explains her babysitter has the same keychain and charm that was found at Deputy Harvey’s. Mark wonders if she’s told Jenny what she suspects and Cassie admits she hasn’t. Cassie calls the current Jenny “Jenny 2.0” and believes this Jenny would kick down Max’s door.

Mark reveals he’s still hot on the trail of Ronald Pergman and Cassie replies, “You do you, just leave me out of it.”

Mark asks her to tell him something about herself he doesn’t know, and Cassie confesses she should have said yes every time he asked her out. She’s ready to go out now and Mark doesn’t mention the fact he kissed Jerrie. He also doesn’t seem overly enthusiastic about the idea of dating Cassie.

The kids reunite to go over T-Lock’s request for the bag of drugs. Max reveals she didn’t tell him about the money – only about the drugs and the accident. She also didn’t mention their involvement, and Harper, Bridger, and Madison tell Max they have her back.

As Max is walking home, Cassie pulls up alongside her and reveals they found a matching keychain by Deputy Harvey’s body. Max blows Cassie off and doesn’t admit to knowing anything.

Cassie’s next stop is at Jenny’s where explains the connection between her babysitter and the keychain at Harvey’s place. It’s obvious Jenny’s going through something and Cassie suggests ice cream or something stronger. Jenny settles for both and pours whisky into her tub of ice cream. Jenny and Cassie discuss Travis and why he broke things off. Cassie suggests she figure out if Travis is worth the risk, and Jenny asks what’s going on with Mark. Cassie explains they had a “moment” but he was holding back and she didn’t push it.

Max reluctantly hands over the bag of drugs to T-Lock.

Smiley texts Travis to let him know he’s aware he’s screwing Jenny. Smiley’s waiting inside Travis’ hotel room, gun drawn when Travis returns to his temporary home.

The next scene finds Travis at Ren’s place and Ren (Janina Gavankar) wondering if he’d die for Dietrich. She demands to know what Dietrich did with their drugs and money. Travis doesn’t know and Ren’s at the end of her patience.

Jenny shows up at Travis’ hotel room and discovers the door’s unlocked. She looks around for clues and spots his gun sitting by the television.

Meanwhile, Donno beats Travis but Travis continues to refuse to talk. Donno changes his weapon of choice from fists to a saw, and Travis laughs hysterically. Ren drops a few Mean Girls references and Travis shifts the blame to Smiley. He’s Dietrich’s nephew and Travis claims Smiley and Big Sam probably ripped off the cartel. He also claims Dietrich doesn’t know what Smiley’s up to.

Jenny shows up at the bar and confronts Dietrich, demanding Travis’ location. She claims she’s got an arrest warrant out for him since he pulled a gun on her. Dietrich doesn’t know Travis’ location.

And now we get to the episode’s most surprising twist… T-Lock shows up at the bar and wants to talk to Smiley about the bag of drugs in his possession. T-Lock quickly realizes the drugs are Dietrich’s and changes his approach, suggesting he and Smiley can sell the drugs without involving anyone else.

A short while later Smiley, who is not the sharpest tool in the shed, decides to take T-Lock up on his offer. He’s just gotten off the phone setting up a meeting with T-Lock when Donno barges into his place and assaults him. Ren follows and briefly stands by watching as the two engage in a life-or-death struggle. She calmly grabs a knife and stabs Smiley in the back, killing him.

Donno locates a baggie of the cartel’s drugs, and Ren believes this means Dietrich’s had their drugs and cash all along.

Harper serves Cassie at the restaurant and Cassie introduces herself. She spots a heart-shaped tattoo on Harper’s arm and then carefully picks up the cup of coffee to go that Harper’s delivered to her table. She places it in a plastic evidence bag so she can check Harper’s fingerprints against those found on the keychain at the scene.

Harper takes out the trash and finds the guy in the van parked out back in desperate need of medical assistance.

Jenny angrily barges into Travis’ hotel room. She roughly pushes him in the chest, and he reacts in pain before reminding her he’s not going to tell her what he’s been up to. She opens his shirt and his chest’s covered in bruises. Travis admits he’s “under the wing of the dragon.” He confesses the only reason he’s alive is because he convinced the cartel they can trust him.

Their visit’s cut short when Dietrich breaks down the door and drags Travis away. “We’re going to meet Smiley and clear the air between us,” says Dietrich as Jenny hides behind the bed.

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 6
John Carrol Lynch and Omar Metwally in ‘Big Sky’ season 2 episode 6 (ABC/John Britt)

The Ronald Pergman vs Wolf Legarski Storyline:

Ronald (Brian Geraghty) asks Scarlet where she went after their evening visit and Scarlet lies. She doesn’t admit to informing Wolf that Ronald still wants to leave.

Ronald continues his line of questioning as Mark arrives at Wolf’s place. Mark removes his badge and takes his dog with him to the house. Agatha hustles Ronald and Scarlet out of sight as Wolf (John Carroll Lynch) welcomes Mark to his ranch.

Agatha warns Ronald not to make a sound and, of course, Ronald screams. She reacts by remotely operating his neck restraint, advising him he doesn’t have any more warnings left.

Mark and Wolf walk and talk and Mark claims to be a fan of Wolf’s book. Wolf laughs when Mark says he owns a roofing business, and suddenly Mark’s dog begins barking ferociously. Wolf doesn’t mince words, claiming he’s really good at reading people and dogs. He’s certain Mark’s there about Rick.

Wolf, Agatha, and Mark discuss Mark’s real mission while seated at the dining room table. Mark confesses he’s a US Marshal and he’s searching for Ronald Pergman, and Wolf admits he’s aware Ronald was Rick’s partner. Agatha explains Wolf feels shame because he was never able to fix his brother.

Mark spots a box of the same brand of kids’ cereal that they found in the cabin where Ronald and Scarlet were briefly holed up. He attempts not to look surprised and doesn’t mention it to Wolf.
Night’s fallen as Mark shakes hands with Wolf and drives away. Mark and his dog pull over after they’re out of sight of Wolf’s place, and Mark asks his dog what he thinks Wolf meant when he said he could have fixed his brother.

Mark creeps back up to Wolf’s house, gun drawn.