Bree Turner Interview – ‘Grimm’ Season Five and Rosalee’s Journey

Bree Turner Interview - Grimm Season 5
Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert in season four of ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Scott Green / NBC)

NBC’s hit dramatic series Grimm returns for a fifth season on October 30, 2015 with the main characters dealing with the loss of Juliette and with the impending birth of Nick and Adalind’s baby. The new Grimm season promises big changes are in store and during our interview with the lovely Bree Turner at Comic Con, she talked about how her character, Rosalee, will be helping Nick (played by David Giuntoli) deal with all of the recent life-changing events.

“Monroe and Rosalee would do anything for Nick. I think after the Wesenrein event this last season it’s been a little harder for them to put themselves out there necessarily so quickly, maybe less I’m not going to say for the Monroe side of the story. But I think for Rosalee that was unimaginable what happened to Monroe. I think a lot of fear comes up for Rosalee for just how exposed and vulnerable they are to these outside groups,” said Turner.

Season five of Grimm will find Nick, Hank (Russell Hornsby), and Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) also dealing with the destruction of the trailer that housed all of the Grimm books and weapons. Juliette burned it to the ground in season four and the few supplies and books that remain have found a new home at the spice shop. “The trailer 2.0 is in the basement of the spice shop now and we’ve seen it a little bit in the show but you’re going to see it a lot in this next season. The set is so beautiful! It’s like a full, proper, huge cellar room. It was actually the original basement in the original spice shop that was a real building in Chinatown in Portland, and they recreated that actual basement where we shot my first episode. I walked in and it was a trip. I was like, ‘Whoa.’ It looks just like that building three years ago,” revealed Turner. “And also beyond just the spices and the remedies and all that stuff, this baby is coming and I’m Nick’s closest female companion at this point so I’m quite literally thrown into that right off the bat.”

But being thrown into all of the chaos that will be going on has gotten easier for Rosalee to handle and accept as the seasons progress. Rosalee has gotten stronger with each season and Turner believes that’s because of the relationship Rosalee has with Monroe. “I think what’s so sweet is all of it is based on her relationship with Monroe. Monroe’s made her have self-worth and feel like she can be loved and feel worthy and be powerful. That’s what’s so sweet about the relationship is that they make each other better. She finally feels satisfied for the first time in her whole life. That’s why this new…I just was told that Rosalee’s addictions come back this season and that makes me so sad – excited as an actress, but sad for Rosalee that you can’t ever escape your past. At some point it’s going to creep back in, so that’ll be really interesting to see what that’s about.”

And speaking of the Monroe and Rosalee relationship, the pair have become fan favorites which makes Turner extremely happy. “I booked this job as a guest star and I’d never met Silas [Weir Mitchell]. I met him on set right before we were about to work together. You never know how things are going to go down, and so much of it is chemistry. Obviously great writing, but a lot of it is just chemistry you can’t fake and thankfully we work well together,” said Turner. “It’s so lovely to have been so supported by the fans, the relationship, because I think it’s a nice one. It’s very sweet.”

Asked if she enjoys tackling the show’s humor, action scenes, or more dramatic moments best, Turner replied, “Honestly I like doing them all because I think that’s what makes our show so awesome. You can’t really define our show and so as an actress that’s really fun that there’s room to play. In really dark times you say funny things and in really funny times you say dark things – that’s how life goes and we always try to infuse that. You know, the spice shop stuff is fun. It’s also like I get a pit in my stomach right before those days because there’s a lot of props, there’s a lot of big words and I usually have a lot of exposition and I have to get all this information out to everyone. But, it’s also electric and alive on those set days.”

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