Justin Bieber and Darren Criss to Perform on ‘A Home for the Holidays at the Grove’

23rd Annual A Home for the Holidays
Justin Bieber, Kane Brown, Alessia Cara, and Darren Criss to perform on ‘A Home for the Holidays at the Grove’ (Photo Credit L-R: Rory Kramer, Matthew Berinato, Shervin Lainez, and F. Scott Shafer)

CBS’s 23rd Annual A Home for the Holidays at the Grove will help raise awareness of the foster care program while featuring performances by Justin Bieber, Darren Criss, Kane Brown, and Alessia Cara. Kane Brown will also introduce viewers to the Rodriguez family during a special live adoption.

This year’s A Home for the Holidays will air on Sunday, December 5 at 9:30pm ET/9pm PT and will spotlight inspirational adoption stories. More than 400,000 children are currently in foster care throughout the U.S., and the special is hoping to inspire viewers to open their hearts to children looking for their forever homes.

The special, which was filmed at the Grove in Los Angeles, will share the stories of the following families:

The Healy Family
From the time Celia was 9 months old until she was 12, she lived in nine different homes, so many that she can’t remember the faces and places. She was subject to constant abuse and often told that she would end up exactly like her mom, an addicted dropout who was pregnant at 15. Trish and Andy Healy are Australian natives and had always wanted to adopt an older child. When Celia joined their family, they were shocked at how much she had endured, but inspired by her resilience. Celia felt safe for the first time in her life, knowing she was part of a loving family. Her grades and her confidence soared. Now a freshman at UCLA, she is bright, strong, and on track for an amazing life.

The Polk Family
When Christopher was born, he was left at the hospital by his mother, who struggled with substance abuse. He was adopted and raised by his grandmother. He met his husband, Jacari, in 2006 and they married in 2011. When it came time for the couple to adopt, they were matched with Knox, a 1-year-old boy who was born while his mother was in jail and had been subjected to neglect. With the similarities to Christopher’s story, the couple knew that this was meant to be. The Polks are now a happy trio. Knox is a thriving 3-year-old who loves bike riding and soccer. Christopher and Jacari both say that the day the adoption was finalized was the best day of their lives.

The Ambrose Family
Brian and Heather always wanted a large family. They had three daughters biologically, but pregnancy complications with their third led them to adoption. With the addition of a baby boy, Carter, they felt their family was complete. When Carter was 4, they learned that Carter had a biological sister, Linden, 11 months old. The Ambroses were unprepared for another baby, but they opened their home and their hearts to this little girl, and two years later, they can’t imagine life without her.

The Rodriguez Family
Marjorie was placed in foster care as a toddler. By the time she was 5 years old, she had lived in six different homes, where she had been subjected to neglect and abuse. Celine and Jerry Rodriguez were told about Marjorie, and their hearts went out to her. They decided that this little girl would complete their family. At first, Marjorie was reserved, but they showered her with love and attention, and she blossomed into a beautiful and well-adjusted girl. They all can’t wait for the adoption to be finalized and for Marjorie to be a part of their forever family.

The 23rd annual special is produced by Triage Entertainment and Goldsmith Entertainment with Karen Mack, Stu Schreiberg, Stephen Kroopnick, and Marilyn Seabury executive producing.