Katheryn Winnick Interview: ‘Vikings’ Season Three

Katheryn Winnick Interview on Vikings Season 3
Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), Athelstan (George Blagden) and King Ecbert (Linus Roache) in ‘Vikings’ season 3 (Photo by Jonathan Hession / HISTORY)

During the 2015 Television Critics Association winter press day for History’s Vikings I had the opportunity to grab a few minutes with Katheryn Winnick who plays Lagertha on the critically-acclaimed series. And while we only had time for a few questions, Winnick was able to provide a little insight into what’s happening with her character in the upcoming third season of Vikings.

Katheryn Winnick Exclusive Interview:

How has the change in location and scale of the third season impacted Lagertha?

Katheryn Winnick: “It just gets bigger and better. Lagertha, you see her in different lights in season three. She is establishing a settlement in Wessex. She’s also a woman who is now a free woman so her options of love interests are there. We have some new, exciting cast members who have come on board this season which is really exciting – and I get to play with them.”

And you’ll be having scenes with new cast member Ben Robson?

Katheryn Winnick: “Yes. Ben is my second in command. He’s great. With Lagertha he helps to be in charge of making sure Hedeby is doing well when she goes off to Wessex. We definitely have some conflicts this season.”

Will Lagertha will be settling in a bit more as a farmer this season, rather than fighting as much as she’s had to do in the previous two seasons?

Katheryn Winnick: “She is a farmer. She started off as a farmer; that’s her roots. She was raised as a farmer and when she goes to Wessex there’s no one better than her to be able to establish a settlement.”

How much of Lagertha comes to life as soon as you put the costume on?

Katheryn Winnick: “It’s an instant transformation.”

What does it mean to be on a show where the women have such strong and powerful roles?

Katheryn Winnick: “I love this show and I’m very proud of it. I want more opportunities for women in television that are as well rounded as Lagertha is. You see in her a woman full of strength and power, but she’s also a real woman who has issues with being a woman of power but also personal issues of finding what’s next for her in her journey. I think that she’s very relatable to a lot of female viewers.”

Did you realize as soon as Vikings came along that it would be as popular and acclaimed as it’s turned out to be?

Katheryn Winnick: “I had a feeling as soon as I read the script. I knew that this was something really special and I’m just blown away by the positive response that we’re getting worldwide. I think we’re in 140 different countries right now.”

How many years do you see Vikings running?

Katheryn Winnick: “It depends on how many episodes Michael Hirst wants to write and if the fans continue wanting more.”

– By Fred Topel

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