Julie Plec Interview: Legacies Season 2, A New Sexy Vampire, and Landon’s Powers

The CW’s Legacies creator Julie Plec promises season two of the supernatural series will feature surprising new relationships, more details on Landon’s powers, and the introduction of a very Damon Salvatore-ish vampire. At the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Plec and producer Brett Matthews also teased that we could see some fan favorite supporting characters/creatures from season one return for the show’s second season.

The CW’s Legacies season two will premiere on October 10, 2019. New episodes will air on Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT.

What can you tease about the new characters?

Julie Plec: “We’ve got a good amount of new characters. The one that we’re most excited about that’s the most fun is, of course, a new vampire.”

Brett Matthews: “Sebastian.”

Julie Plec: “Who seems like incredibly Damon Salvatore, for lack of a better description. Smoky eyes, seductive ways, and sultry, sultry language which in our world – especially with characters like MG – is not going to fly. Because as we know, the gothic vampire tale is actually robbing a lot of women of their agency amongst other things. And so MG is going to keep this vampire honest and it’s not necessarily going to be a good friendship between the two of them.”

Will we see some more The Vampire Diaries alums this season?

Julie Plec: “We have a couple plans. That doesn’t mean that they come to fruition. But we have plans and we’re excited about those plans, so we’ll see. That becomes just a do they want to? Can they make it?”

Brett Matthews: “Did they just buy a house? That usually is the key component.”

Julie Plec: “Mortgage payment.”

Brett Matthews: “The door’s totally open and I think we’ve tried to really accommodate if somebody says, ‘Hey, I really want to do a thing.’ We try and figure out a story.”

Julie Plec: “For sure.”

What are the underlying themes of this season?

Julie Plec: “Well, the launch point for the season is really how do you fill a hole that you don’t know the source of. When you feel lost, when you feel isolated, when you feel alone but you can’t put your finger on why, what is it you do to find your own peace, to find your own happiness? Which I think is a fairly universal thing that we all go through. Just like when you feel that something’s not right and you take sort of small to extreme measures to fill that hole, whether it be in bad ways or in new ways. It’s finding something to fill you up.”

Brett Matthews: “You’re treating the symptoms, right? Rather than finding the actual cause.”

How will Landon’s powers as a Phoenix come into play this season?

Brett Matthews: “He’s so good at dying. That’s the best part, which is I’m sure a joke we make at some point. As far as I know, all he can do is die really well. I’m very curious to find out myself. I think that’s something that’s on our minds. What does it mean?”

Julie Plec: “I mean, Phoenix is when they rise from the ashes and spread their wings and fly. So, who knows? That guy could be capable of anything when we’re all done with him.”

Matthew Davis, Quincy Fouse, Peyton Alex Smith, Danielle Rose Russell, Kaylee Bryantl, Jenny Boyd, and Aria Shahghasemi in 'Legacies' (Photo: Miller Mobley © 2018 The CW Network)
Matthew Davis, Quincy Fouse, Peyton Alex Smith, Danielle Rose Russell, Kaylee Bryantl, Jenny Boyd, and Aria Shahghasemi in ‘Legacies’ (Photo: Miller Mobley © 2018 The CW Network)

Will there be new love interests you’re introducing?

Julie Plec: “Oh yeah. This season we’re really doubling down on the romantic stuff. Not necessarily all happy either. There’s going to be some unexpected breakups. There’s going to be some unexpected new relationships, new crushes. There’s going to be a lot of stuff that happens. Somebody trying to get the person they love and realizing that person was not meant to be theirs. Somebody losing someone they love and realizing they have to let them go. We’re having a lot of drama this season.”

Will we see characters like the Necromancer return?

Julie Plec: “We are planning a little bit of a greatest hits cameo over the course of the season. I feel like I’m not ruining anything when I say we might see our dragon again early on. There is definitely opportunity for these monsters in our story to occasionally be seen. But how, why, and when we will never tell.”

What about the possible return of Penelope? Were you expecting her to be so popular?

Julie Plec: “We wrote her to be popular. She was one of our favorite characters to write for. It was one of our favorite relationships to write for. And so, when you have a relationship that’s that successful, you do kind of wonder at what point you can return to it. And in the meantime, we’re going to have fun with Josie sort of rebounding from that heartbreak and moving forward in her life. What is she going to do to fill a hole that she’s got? She’s just at the beginning of exploring her sexuality so there’s all kinds of roads that she can travel in this season.”

How much of season two will be spent on developing or digging further into backstories?

Brett Matthews: “Maybe an episode or two.”

Julie Plec: “Yeah. We have more MG story that we want to tell about his family. Dig deeper with them. And then Kaleb actually this season is going to… We’re going to meet his sister. We’re going to meet his family. He’s going to take MG home for the summer and the two are going to set off on an attempt to have the best summer ever.

I think that we love those episodes where we get to see these characters before we knew them. And so that’s always in our bag of tricks to do.”

Which character’s journey are you most excited for fans to see this season?

Julie Plec: “Landon, for sure. Landon kind of starts this season as a reluctant leading man, a reluctant hero. Everyone thinks that he single-handedly destroyed Malivore and he has no idea how.”

Brett Matthews: “He feels like a fraud on some level.”

Julie Plec: “Feels like a fraud but boy is he popular now!”

You’re not supposed to play favorites but what character did you enjoy seeing grow the most throughout season one?

Brett Matthews: “Lizzie Saltzman. I think she had a pretty profound journey from self-centered to being actually a pretty good friend, from making peace with herself and accepting herself. Her journey was, I think, one of self-acceptance and accepting others at the same time, strangely.”

You have such a talented cast. Any plans for another musical episode?

Julie Plec: “We’ve not planned it yet, but it will happen. It will happen. It will either be another talent show or one day I aspire to a full musical episode like what Joss (Whedon) did with ‘Once More with Feeling.’ That being said, Joss wrote all of that and I can’t do that. But we have Thomas Brandon who’s on our writing staff who wrote the original lyrics and music for our talent show episode last year. So as long as we have him, I’m going to keep pressing.”

Brett Matthews: “And a years-worth of time. This season it’s like whenever we get bored and don’t have a scene, we just have Chris (Lee) sing something. (Laughing) So, it’s very simple. It’s like why is Kaleb singing again?!’”