Danielle Rose Russell Interview: ‘Legacies’ Season 2 and Hope’s Relationships

The CW’s Legacies star Danielle Rose Russell admits she really loves playing the badass version of Hope Mikaelson in The Originals spin-off series. Russell loves slaying monsters and doing action scenes, both of which she’ll have a chance to do again when the series returns for season two.

During our roundtable discussion at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Danielle Rose Russell shared a little of what’s planed for the second season which takes place in a world in which Hope’s family and friends no longer remember her. Fans can expect a little heartbreak, a lot of drama, and perhaps even some new romantic entanglements when Legacies returns on October 10, 2019 at 9pm ET/PT after Supernatural.

How much more do you think Hope Mikaelson can take after everything in The Originals and everything last season?

Danielle Rose Russell: “I don’t know. I think it if wasn’t drama TV she would have been somewhere far away. But, no. Her character, she’s very resilient and very strong and very brave. But you’ve got to give her a break. I mean, poor thing. Poor thing – it’s just constantly. But it’s fun for me as an actress. I really, really enjoy playing the darker parts and struggling characters.”

Do you think this season we are going to see Hope tap more into the Klaus or Hayley part of who she is?

Danielle Rose Russell: “I feel more Hayley, to be honest with you. I think that she knows what she wants. She wants to protect those that she loves. I think she definitely tapped more into the whole Klaus bit with the sacrificing of herself, getting a little bit darker this year. I think she knows why she did what she did, and she knows she has to do whatever she can to protect the people she loves.”

What did you think when you read the first script for the second season?

Danielle Rose Russell: “It was so exciting. I got the first script in an email and I screamed. I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m in a scene!’ I know the basic plot points of what we’re trying to go for this year, but it’s so cool to see it executed on paper with all the things you’re going to get to do and not do. But yeah, it’s always very exciting to get a new script. I still get excited.”

Do you think Hope will feel a responsibility to help with things that don’t directly affect the people she loves, like the possible merge with the Gemini coven?

Danielle Rose Russell: “I don’t know the answer. But I think if she knew a way to help, she would do it. I think that she’s proven that time and time again. So, maybe?”

Do you think there’s any possibility of Hope discovering a romantic relationship this season that’s not Landon?

Danielle Rose Russell: “Yeah, maybe. In a world without her, you can see character dynamics happen that wouldn’t normally happen. And, it’s justified in a different way. I feel like if you would have separated Hope and Landon last year, it would have made no sense. But separating them now and then exploring other people maybe – or even themselves – is something really interesting. It’s refreshing, you know?

Don’t get me wrong, I hope that Hope and Landon will always have high regards for one another. But it’s also beautiful to see how two people can go on opposite ends of the earth and then find their way back to each other. So, we’ll see.”

Matt Davis may have spoiled that you see Landon with someone else. Would she be able to get over that?

Danielle Rose Russell: “I mean, she can’t be mad at him. She knows that logically, but it still hurts. It still kills her, actually. And I think that it’s something that you’re definitely going to see. You’re definitely going to see it.

When she does see Landon with someone else, it’s probably the most heartbreaking thing. You see how that relationship pans out and how this relationship with Hope separated pans out as well. And it’s a fun little love triangle, maybe.”

How will Hope’s dark side be explored this season?

Danielle Rose Russell: “I don’t think she’s going to go fully dark. I think that there’s a place for that down the line as the show kind of grows with these characters. But I’d really love to play that for an entire season or something. I think that it’s definitely obvious you’re going to see how being in Malivore has affected her and seeing people she loves with other people has affected her.

I don’t know if she’s going to go dark. I think she’s going to really isolate herself though because she’s kind of been forced to do that and see that new way of opening herself up to people again. I wouldn’t say she’s going to be dark; she’s different. She’s changed.”

Will Hope’s sexuality be explored more? In season one there was a moment between her and Josie.

Danielle Rose Russell: “Maybe. I actually don’t know the answer to that but I think if there’s any time to do it it would probably be now. I mean, I think new characters we’ll come across will definitely show maybe more interest in her… I don’t even know what to say because I can’t spoil anything. But, maybe… I can give you maybe.”