Legacies Season 2: Kaylee Bryant and Jenny Boyd Interview

Kaylee Bryant and Jenny Boyd play twins in The CW’s Legacies and when the show returns for season two, their onscreen relationship will have matured somewhat. Teamed up to discuss the new season, Kaylee Bryant (“Josie Saltzman”) and Jenny Boyd (“Lizzie Saltzman”) said fans of The Originals spin-off can expect relationships to have been altered now that Hope Mikaelson doesn’t exist.

Legacies season two will premiere on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 9pm ET/PT.

How are we going to see your characters evolving in season two and maybe switching roles up as far as who’s good and who’s bad?

Kaylee Bryant: “It’s interesting. You know, Josie went through a lot because of her co-dependence or habits last season and she’s finally conscious of that. She’s really working towards becoming her own person. It’s not as easy of a switch as she maybe hopes it is, but it really changes the way that we communicate with each other. It’s much more of a back and forth.”

Jenny Boyd: “Yeah. A lot of things have changed at the Salvatore School. Hope isn’t there and we don’t remember her. That’s really changed Lizzie’s dynamic within the school. Also, Alaric may or may not have as sort of intense part in being there because of the end of last season. So, it’s a really different dynamic. There’s more maturity in our relationship and the way that we speak to each other.”

Will we see more old school The Vampire Diaries lore with the Gemini coven mythology starting to take the forefront?

Kaylee Bryant: “Definitely.”

Jenny Boyd: “So, if you remember we found the Ascendant at the end of last season. There are definitely some references and some moments where it comes back.”

Kaylee Bryant: “Josie is very good at digging into things. So, when she is presented something, she wants to get down to the answer. As I think Lizzie does too, maybe not as intensely as Josie does. But we’re definitely going to dig into that.”

Speaking of digging in, is there an aspect of your character you really want to dig into more in the second season?

Jenny Boyd: “Yeah, I would love to see Lizzie in a romantic relationship and situation and to see how that would develop her mental health, and see if she would make the right choices, basically in who she would choose and the way that would go – the dynamic of that.”

Kaylee Bryant: “I really want to see Dark Josie. I feel like we got a taste of Mean Girl Josie last season and some people thought that that was her inner darkness, maybe. There’s a lot more to discover with that. I really hope that I get the chance to do Dark Josie because that would be fun.”

Legacies Season 2
Jenny Boyd as Lizzie and Kaylee Bryant as Josie in ‘Legacies’ season 2 (Photo: Quantrell Colbert © 2019 The CW Network)

Will they become more distant or closer over season two?

Kaylee Bryant: “We spent the summer apart from each other and so we definitely have a little bit less together, I would say, but in like a healthy way. Just in the fact that when we’re communicating with each other it’s like a healthy conversation as opposed to her talking at Josie.”

Jenny Boyd: “Yeah, exactly. I think that Josie has more power in herself and maturity. Josie’s like, ‘Okay, well, I’ve got to get my own independence too.’ And is that going to work?”

Kaylee Bryant: “It’s always going to be a push and pull with them, but you’re opening up.”

What can you tease about the first episode? What will we see when Legacies returns for season two?

Jenny Boyd: “So, it’s summer vacation.”

Kaylee Bryant: “Basically picking up where we left off.”

Jenny Boyd: “Essentially. Hope Mikaelson doesn’t exist, basically, for us. That changes a lot. That changes my dynamic with my dad, and I think my dynamic within the school as well.”

Kaylee Bryant: “Basically, we open episode one and everybody that was interacting with each other throughout season one is shifted. So, if you noticed that some characters didn’t have as much interactions together, you might find them interacting a bit more. And the other way around as well. So, you’ll see some different dynamics and changes within everybody in their way of talking to each other.”

Which characters are you most excited to get more screen time with in season two?

Jenny Boyd: “Let’s see… We’ve got some new people coming in which is really exciting. We’ve got three or four who are really sort of big players. That’s awesome.”

Kaylee Bryant: “The one that I‘m the most excited about we haven’t talked about in the press yet. It’s a new character coming in that I’m excited to see how that works out.”

Jenny, you took acting classes with Candice King before, but Kaylee is this your first time meeting your onscreen mom?

Kaylee Bryant: “No. Actually, Candice is one of the most kind people ever. Since she knew Jenny, they both kind of got in touch with me before we left for season one. She sat down with us over a breakfast. She’s just like, ‘What questions do you have about Atlanta? Anything, ask me.’ She’s just lovely.”

Jenny Boyd: “And we’ve been to parties at her house and stuff.”

Any hope that she’ll come back on screen and play your mom?

Kaylee Bryant: (Laughing) “We always hope so.”

How will Josie move on from Penelope, knowing that everything Penelope did she ultimately did to save Josie’s life?

Kaylee Bryant: “That’s a good question. You know, Penelope and Josie had such an interesting dynamic last season. And Josie had no idea what was going on behind everything that Penelope was doing. So, I think Josie is now trying her best to be herself and figure out these answers that have been hidden from her so long.

Since Penelope has moved, the only person she has to really dive into these questions is her father because her father basically kept all these secrets from her for her whole life. So, you’ll see Josie just really wanting to take initiative and find the answers that have been hidden from her for so long.”