‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 3: Brandon Routh on What’s in Store for Ray

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 1
Nick Zano, Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz in ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ (Photo: Dean Buscher © 2017 The CW Network)

The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow will debut season three on October 10, 2017 at 9pm ET/PT with an episode that finds the Legends dealing with Julius Caesar (Simon Merrells) in Aruba. The Legends are going to be spending much of season three fixing time after the events of season two, and during the 2017 San Diego Comic Con Brandon Routh talked about Ray’s contribution to the team’s efforts.

We know the Legends broke time and Ray is a genius. How will he attempt to fix it?

Brandon Routh: “In the second episode we find him with an invention that he’s been working on which helps in that episode, and I think throughout the season, in helping to maintain the anachronisms that they have so they can better deal with them. And I think Ray’s going to be getting back into his inventing roots this season and creating things that can help the team – gadgets.”

Will Ray be involved in a relationship this season?

Brandon Routh: “It would be nice for Ray to have happiness. In what we’ve seen on television of him, he’s only had failed relationships so I think it would be nice for him to have some happiness as far as that’s concerned. Whether we do that or not…I mean, our show is always changing things up and screwing things up, so I’m sure it’s not in the cards.”

Are all superheroes broken by nature?

Brandon Routh: “No. I think they just have different challenges and they have more at stake. They have more influence in certain ways to affect the world and so the consequences are greater. So, consequently, they may be hit harder by the decisions they make because lives are at risk.”

How will Ray be interacting with Zari? Will they see eye-to-eye?

Brandon Routh: “I think they’re going to not see eye-to-eye. I think that’s definitely going to be their dynamic for a while. They both have opposite views about life and about how technology can affect change. I look forward to that (dynamic). I look forward to Ray having some time with her and just one-on-one scenes. Oftentimes our show’s so big that we have huge group scenes and fight stuff, so it would be nice to have just a one-on-one scene.”

Why don’t we get to see much of Atom being little?

Brandon Routh: (Laughing) “It costs money. I mean, that’s basically the reason. We have a show with seven, eight superheroes and everybody’s got powers and it all costs money. It’s a TV show and if we were a big budget movie you would see it a lot more. But I think the work that they do, the amazing stuff that we have seen of miniature Ray is pretty awesome. I always appreciate when they do that and how well they’ve done that. They wait until it’s the right time.”

There’s a lot going on and there’s a change of leadership within the group. Does season three represent a structural reset?

Brandon Routh: “I feel like last season was Sara as Captain Lance. She was for most of the season; Rip wasn’t really the leader that he had been. I see it just as a continuing forward of her as leader. Ray’s fine with that and he’s signed off on her as leader. That continues. We just have new things to deal with and we have to fix our mistake. But, we had to make the mistake in order to save time. So, in a way, we know we screwed things up but they don’t even know how bad they would have had it if we wouldn’t have screwed up time. Eobard Thawne would have taken over the world and they’d all been screwed.”

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