‘Lucifer’ Season 3: Rachael Harris Interview on Dr. Linda’s Relationships

Lucifer star Rachael Harris

Rachael Harris from Fox’s ‘Lucifer’ at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con (Photo by Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

During the 2017 WonderCon, Lucifer’s Rachael Harris (‘Dr. Linda’) promised we’d see a new side to her character at the end of season two. And Rachael Harris delivered on that promise, with Dr. Linda getting physically involved in protecting Lucifer and paying the price by ending up nearly dead and in the hospital. At the San Diego Comic Con, Rachael Harris provided a few new clues as to what’s in store for Lucifer’s favorite psychiatrist in season three and she promised we’ll finally learn more about what makes her tick in this upcoming season.

Fox’s Lucifer season three premieres on October 2, 2017.

Will Dr. Linda remain involved in the action in season three?

Rachael Harris: “You can expect it. I think what we learned is that, just from my character’s point of view – not doing the whole big picture of the show – is that she went through a life-altering experience where she thought it was a life-threatening experience…a near death experience is what I’m trying to say. Linda went through a near-death experience and she’s sort of coming to grips with the fact she’s the only person who knows of this celestial world that’s a human. So, we’re starting to see this impact her a bit more. And, as women, all we do a lot of times is take care of everybody else and we never look at ourselves. ‘Well, I’ll take care of this and this and this.’ What’s going to start to happen is that when somebody bears that weight, they start to kind of lose their balance a little bit. So, we get to start looking at Linda’s past a little bit and what makes her tick.

We get to see her be a little bit more vulnerable and little more emotional. We knew she was in physical care already when mom attacked her in the season finale, but now we get to see what makes her tick and why she maybe became a therapist, her love life, new friends, and things like that. So, I’m excited for her and then at the same time her relationship with Lucifer…he still relies on her. It’s kind of nice because I don’t want to quit my day job. It’s great. I still get to have this relationship with Tom (Ellis). Even Lucifer kind of starts to take on a new role with Linda where she’s been helping him so much, he is being a little bit forced into a different role.”

The Dr. Linda and Mazikeen relationship is so much fun and it ended up being really poignant.

Rachael Harris: “It’s one of my favorite relationships ever in TV. I feel like it’s just a really great female relationship that’s healthy and funny and sweet, and completely platonic. We’re not hot for each other and it’s kind of great that Maze, who’s hot for everybody, is just ready to have a great friendship. So, we do see more of Linda and Maze.

Lesley-Ann (Brandt) just had a baby so she’s going to be in her little baby mode for a while. But still, like you saw in the trailer, those four episodes that we shot – three of those are going to be airing in the first 10. So, we get to see… I mean, it’s fun. Lesley-Ann and I love working together, doing our scenes together.”

Are we going to meet Dr. Linda’s family?

Rachael Harris: “You know, it’s interesting. You’re going to meet…yes and no, in a weird way. You’re just going to get to know more people in her life. How about that?”

Given what she’s gone through, how does Dr. Linda feel safe?

Rachael Harris: “That’s a good question. We’re going to look at that. That’s a good question.”

How do you play that vulnerability now?

Rachael Harris: “Well, I think she’s still in a place where she wants to be okay with it. She’s used to being the doctor and making everyone feel that whatever they’re experiencing or feeling is normal, and trying to mirror that. She’s still in that place of trying to do that until certain things start happening and then she’ll start to crack a little bit.”

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