Marie Avgeropoulos Talks About The 100

Marie Avgeropoulos says that being a Canadian girl she was happy to have been given the opportunity to go back and shoot The CW’s new series The 100 in beautiful British Columbia. And given the fact they filmed in gorgeous parks and rain forests, it wasn’t difficult for Avgeropoulos to play a character who’s the first person to step foot on the planet decades after a nuclear war devastates the planet. Her character’s dropped on Earth with a group of other young people, and Avgeropoulos said The 100‘s action scenes gave her plenty of opportunity to channel her inner tomboy.
Avgeropoulos said she tried to do as many of her own stunts as possible. “I always try and stay in shape and out of trouble as much as possible,” said Avgeropoulos when asked how she prepared physically for the role. “I hit the gym a lot, I did Pilates, I did some martial arts. I drove my motorcycle around LA as much as possible. That kind of thing.”
And in our interview from the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, Avgeropoulos also talked about the sci-fi aspect and being a part of a group sent back to repopulate the Earth:


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