Meaghan Rath on Being Human and Season Four

Meaghan Rath as Sally in 'Being Human'
Meaghan Rath as Sally in 'Being Human' - Photo by: Jeff Riedel/Syfy/© NBC Universal, Inc.
Season three of Syfy’s Being Human found Meaghan Rath finally getting a break from the wardrobe she’d worn the previous two seasons while playing Sally the ghost. It also found Rath’s Sally alive yet decomposing. Gross? Yes. An interesting twist? Most definitely. And at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, Rath promised this upcoming season will be just as twisted and entertaining.

Meaghan Rath Being Human Interview:

What can you say about season four?
Meaghan Rath: “We start off three months after we left off in season three. Let’s talk about my character…so, when we left her, she was sucked down her death spot. What’s happened is Sally seemed to absorb quite a bit of Donna’s power. She’s quite different this year. It’s sort of amazing how far she’s come in four years. And so what she does is she tries to harness that power and use it to get out of where they are. That’s where we start off.”
We heard Amy Aquino is going to be back?
Meaghan Rath: “Yeah.”
How much interaction do you two have?
Meaghan Rath: “I think quite a bit. I hope, I don’t really know. I’ve only read four scripts, but I love her and I think she’s incredibly talented. I would love to just be around her. […]We have a very similar sense of humor. It’s weird because last season our stories were so closely tied, but we barely had any scenes together. So, it’s nice actually. She hasn’t shot yet with us; we’ve only been shooting a week so I’m excited to see her.”
Will your character progress dramatically this year from last season?
Meaghan Rath: “Yeah. I think, yeah. I think so in terms of her capabilities, yeah, there’s a huge difference. I also think emotionally she’s been through so much that you can’t possibly be the same person that you were after losing everything, everybody you love over and over and over. I mean, my character’s died like four times, you know, and it just sort of shows me how resilient she is because she manages to retain that essence of her personality. And this year I feel like she may be using that to sort of mask some really deep pain, just because of everything that she’s been through. I think Sally is really good socially and knows how to fake it.”
Is there a favorite episode you have of Sally’s?
Meaghan Rath: “Yeah. One of my favorites was in season two, Dream Reaper, like, when Sally goes to the alternative reality. It was really a special episode for all of us. I really, really loved all of last season. I liked episode 11, 12 was kind of fun to shoot when we go to the portal. That was like a movie. Last season was my favorite season so far.
[…]Last season I got to experience so much, so many different things than I had so far. I got to work so much with prosthetic make-up and more visual effects in different ways. It was really fun.”
Different outfits.
Meaghan Rath: “Different outfits. I got to really experiment with outfits.”
Are you going to have another love interest?
Meaghan Rath: “Something’s happening. Yeah. I’m definitely not talk about that.”
You’re separated from the guys?
Meaghan Rath: “Yeah.”
Do you know how long it will be? Any idea?
Meaghan Rath: “It won’t be too long.”
It’s interesting the way that they’re together but separate.
Meaghan Rath: “Yeah. I mean that’s definitely one of the big themes of this season is the fact that we’re talking a lot about destiny, and whatever was meant to be was meant to be. We’re sort of finding that we’re definitely stronger together and when you look back, every time we’ve been separated, all we’ve been trying to do is get back to each other. That’s really all we want at the end of the day. We’re really looking this season at the specific events that have happened in all of our past that bring us all together and show us that we were meant to be together for a reason.”
Sally and Aidan had that big moment last season…
Meaghan Rath: “They had quite a few moments. You mean the one with eating?”
Will that be explored again?
Meaghan Rath: [Laughing] “I don’t think I’ll eat him again. I mean, you never know. Yeah. I mean Sally and Aidan definitely have a chemistry. It’s funny because [Sam Witwer] and I when we’re in a scene together, it’s like our relationship is so different than it is in real life. We definitely have a chemistry, the two of us, and I find that’s where we really connect on a different level through these characters and that’s like what in life brings us close, which is really strange. I don’t think I’ve had that with anyone.”
Did you feel that like this season that you guys really hit like a plateau?
Meaghan Rath: “I don’t know. I definitely think we have hit our stride in season three. I think we’re understanding more about what was working, what people were responding to, and we’re sort of riding that wave. But there’s always a pressure to change it up as seasons keep progressing, keep working year after year. You need to change things; you can’t play it safe in your comfort zone, so I think we are trying new stuff this year.”

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