Isaiah Washington Discusses the Sci-Fi Series The 100

Isaiah Washington began our interview for the new The CW sci-fi series The 100 by straightening out all of our tape recorders. Washington likes things orderly, and his approach to characters is meticulous.
Washington was interested in the soul of his The 100 character and above all else doesn’t want to let the audience down by delivering anything less than credible in his performance. “I’ve always been terrified of not having credibility with you guys. If you don’t believe – like or love the character – if you don’t believe it, if you’re not feeling it, then I’m not doing the job that I was hired to do, and I’m certainly not serving the audience,” explained Washington on his approach to taking on a role. And as for taking on The 100, Washington had high praise for the concept. “I’m most interested to see, yet again, how humanity, how the world responds,” said Washington. “If I’m right, then it will be bigger than anything I’ve ever done.”
Washington also talked about the appeal of the character and the challenges faced by his ‘Chancellor Jaha’ in our interview from the 2013 San Diego Comic Con:


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