‘Outlander’ Season 5 Episode 10 Recap: “Mercy Shall Follow Me”

Outlander Season 5 Episode 10
Sophie Skelton and Caitriona Balfe in ‘Outlander’ season 5 episode 10 (Photo Credit: Starz)

Starz’s Outlander season five episode 10 begins with Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) meeting with his lawyer, Gerald Forbes (Billy Boyd). Gerald assures Bonnet that wealthy people are still backing him but cautions him to be discreet with his actions. In typical Stephen Bonnet fashion, he’s not about to take advice from his lawyer.

Gerald assures Bonnet he’ll have the signatures from witnesses that he needs soon, and the magistrate should sign an order by the end of the week. Jemmy will then legally be Bonnet’s. After that, Bonnet will get rid of Jocasta and her new husband, claim River Run, and be a very wealthy man.

Gerald will be paid 20% for his services after River Run is in Bonnet’s possession.

Jamie (Sam Heughan), Claire (Caitriona Balfe), Brianna (Sophie Skelton), and Roger (Richard Rankin) have made the journey to town and are sharing a meal when Brianna admits she doesn’t feel good about their plan. Roger reminds her they need Bonnet gone and Jamie assures her it’s for the greater good. However, they are all aware much of the plan hinges on Philip Wylie keeping his word.

If Wylie doesn’t and something happens, Jamie hopes Claire makes the man suffer.

Moments later, Mr. Alexander Malcolm (an all dressed-up Ian!) joins their table. Ian (John Bell) is concerned about the markings on his face and Claire says she’ll find a way to cover them up.

Jamie warns his wife and daughter that if he, Ian, and Roger don’t return to Wilmington in two days, they should head back to Fraser’s Ridge without them. Claire squashes that idea; she’ll track them down if they don’t return.

While the men are busy with their plans, Claire and Brianna hire a man to craft a glass syringe. He’s confused by their plans but seems to be up to the challenge.

Next, they plan to stop by the smith’s to ask him to create a hypodermic needle. Cross your fingers they don’t think Brianna and Claire are witches!

Jamie, Roger, and Ian arrive at the secluded meeting place ahead of Stephen Bonnet. They’re sure Bonnet will bring his men along and Roger reveals his sailors only serve him out of fear. If they handle the situation without giving the men reason to believe they’re personally in danger, they probably won’t care about Bonnet’s fate.

Jamie believes this is their only chance to take down Bonnet. As Ian stands outside watching the river for Bonnet, Roger and Jamie stay hidden inside. Roger picks this time to announce he wants to be the one who kills Bonnet. He declares Bonnet is his, and Jamie warns him to kill him the first moment he has the chance.

If Roger dies, Jamie promises to avenge him. Roger pledges the same for his father-in-law.

Someone has spotted Brianna and Claire and is watching them from afar as they pick up shells, kelp, and sponges on the beach. The ladies spot whales breaching and discuss how whalers have almost wiped them out by the 19th century. They reminisce about Brianna’s childhood and take off on a run like they used to when Brianna was a kid.

Brianna decides to dip her toes in the water while Claire, who’s winded, searches for more shells. Claire and Brianna part, and after Brianna runs into the water the two wave at each other before Claire continues her search.

Ian indicates he’s spotted men on the river. Roger and Jamie get ready as Ian introduces himself to the three men. It turns out Bonnet isn’t among them. Instead, they’ve been sent to inspect the whiskey. The leader of Bonnet’s men offers a brief explanation that Bonnet had business elsewhere.

When the leader doesn’t immediately see barrels, he slams Malcolm against the wall. He then enters the shed where they spot Jamie and Roger and begin attacking. Two are down and Roger’s fighting with the third when Jamie hits the man from behind. Roger wonders what took him so long, and Jamie says he thought Roger didn’t really need help.

The men aren’t dead and Jamie questions one as to Bonnet’s whereabouts. He pulls a knife when he doesn’t get an immediate answer.

Claire is shocked to see Bonnet standing nearby when she rises from picking up a shell. She whips out a knife as Bonnet approaches. He explains he saw them in town and knew they looked familiar. “I never forget a face – neither yours nor your lovely daughter’s,” says Bonnet, chillingly.

When he asks about his son, Claire becomes furious and declares he doesn’t have a son. Brianna finally arrives from her time frolicking in the ocean and is stunned to see her mother facing off against Bonnet. Claire yells for Brianna to run as Bonnet grabs Claire, holds her around the neck, and places a knife to her throat.

Brianna picks up the gun from their nearby basket and demands Bonnet let her mother go. Claire’s screaming at her daughter to shoot him, despite the fact she’s still in his grasp. There’s a brief standoff until Bonnet threatens to slit Claire’s throat unless Brianna comes with him.

Claire makes her move and briefly escapes Bonnet’s grasp. Brianna attempts to shoot Bonnet but the gun doesn’t fire. Bonnet knocks Claire out as Brianna runs toward him to attack. He easily knocks her out, too.

Claire wakes a while later, facedown in the sand. She jumps up and immediately screams for her daughter. There’s no answer. She scans the beach, desperate and afraid of what’s become of her daughter.

Brianna comes to at Bonnet’s place on his island. He offers her tea and assures her she’s safe. She asks after her mother and is told he left her behind. He wants bygones to be bygones and offers her toys for their son. Brianna corrects him, saying Jemmy is Roger’s son.

Bonnet seems completely convinced Jemmy is legitimately his son. And, is it possible the psychotic rapist actually cares about being a father? It does seem that way.

Outlander Season 5 Episode 10
Richard Rankin, John Bell, and Sam Heughan in ‘Outlander’ season 5 episode 10 (Photo Credit: Starz)

Claire rides like the wind and meets up with Jamie, Ian, and Roger on the road. She’s frantic as she tells them Bonnet has Brianna.

That evening, Brianna dons a gorgeous dress and joins Bonnet for dinner. He assures her once they take over River Run, they’ll have servants to wait on them. Brianna corrects him for the second time. “You mean, slaves,” she says.

Bonnet is on his best behavior and is attempting to be a gentleman. Brianna reveals she doesn’t believe it’s possible he can be a better man, even though he asks her to please show him how to be a worthy gentleman. He thinks they’re drawn to each other and that fate keeps putting them together.

Brianna seems to consider her circumstances and begins instructing him on how to eat properly at a formal table.

Bedtime arrives and she tells him it’s improper for a lady and gentleman to be alone. She asks if he could read to her because it’s what a gentleman would do. She quickly realizes he might not be able to read and offers to read to him instead.

Bonnet wonders if she reads to their son and if he likes it. She discusses her love of reading and learning what drives characters. He asks what she thinks drives him and she quickly replies that it’s money. That’s why he wants her and Jemmy. He takes offense and says she doesn’t know his story and yet she judges him.

Bonnet believes he could learn to love Brianna and that their son could learn to love him. He remembers what she told him in the jail and that by learning there was something left of him on this earth after he dies, he felt something different than revenge or a lust for money. He asks her to teach him how to love and Brianna smiles and returns the subject to reading.

She picks up The Art of Husbandry, acts as though she’s reading it, but instead begins the tale of Moby Dick. Bonnet’s happy to hear his son likes tales of the sea. She continues “reading” and Bonnet relaxes and gets into the story.

She’s not finished when he demands to know the ending. He’s shocked to learn the whale – who he labels the monster – prevails. Brianna thinks it’s interesting he describes the whale as the monster of the piece and not Captain Ahab.

Bonnet becomes emotional as he reveals his nightmares involving the sea. He confesses he believes it will take his life and he’ll have a lonely, horrifying death. He reveals details about his nightmares and says the sea calls for him. Brianna says it’s only a dream and when he asks if she thinks less of him for telling her, she replies, “I could never think less of you.”

Bonnet wonders if Jeremiah has nightmares and gets scared. Brianna says he does and that he needs his mom. Bonnet, still emotional, admits he never had a mother or father. He needs to know how he should comfort his son and Brianna says she takes Jemmy into her arms and holds him until he feels safe.

Bonnet grabs her and wants her to comfort him, but Brianna refuses. She advises him a lady would say goodnight and go to her bed alone. Strangely, he agrees and leaves.

It’s only then that Brianna can breathe.

The morning arrives and Brianna watches Bonnet and a woman set the table. Bonnet invites her to have breakfast with him, and he’s still on his best behavior. She asks if they’ll live on this island and he assures her they can live wherever she likes. She asks about fetching Jemmy and he says he’ll come with her. Brianna thinks she needs to tell Jemmy by herself, so he won’t become upset. She continues trying to get away by saying it’s best if she does it on her own so as not to upset her family.

Brianna says fate will bring her back to him, assuring him it’s what they both want. She wants to leave soon to retrieve their son.

Surprisingly, Bonnet says yes. He adds that when she’s gone, he’ll find them a place to live in Wilmington.

She gives him a kiss and it lasts long enough to be convincing. She doesn’t break eye contact when it ends. However, Bonnet is fully aware there wasn’t any passion involved. He becomes upset as Brianna tries to assure him it was just because it was their first kiss.

Bonnet grabs her by the neck and says he’ll show her what she’s missing. He then grabs the prostitute who set their breakfast table, Eppie (Leah Shine), and they have sex while Brianna turns away in disgust from the sight. Eppie asks for her money when they’re done and offers to have sex with Brianna for a few pennies more.

Bonnet leaves Eppie with Brianna so he can retrieve her payment and Brianna immediately begins asking questions. She finds out where this place is and learns you need to get there via boat. She asks about Bonnet and Eppie reveals he sends for her when he feels like it.

When Brianna explains she’s being held against her will, Eppie warns her not to cross Bonnet. Brianna offers Eppie her wedding ring if she gets word to Roger MacKenzie about her whereabouts. Eppie refuses because she knows what Bonnet’s capable of.

Jamie and Roger meet up with Philip Wylie (Chris Donald) and demand to know Bonnet’s whereabouts. He swears he doesn’t know where he lives and claims he also hates Bonnet. When Jamie passes Roger a knife, Wylie finally reveals Bonnet frequents Mistress Sylvie’s brothel. They should be able to find someone there who knows Bonnet’s location.

Jamie and Claire will visit the brothel while Roger and Ian stay on the lookout for Bonnet’s men in town.

The action shifts to River Run where Forbes has arrived for a visit with Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy). She’s called on him to help her bestow some gifts upon her family. Forbes, who had been looking around and barely paying attention, is finally interested in the conversation when she brings up giving away her money.

When he asks what kind of gifts, she replies, “My fortune.”

A pen and paper are ready as she dictates her wishes for Marsali, Fergus, and their children. She gives young Ian 200 pounds and Forbes becomes flustered and upset. He doesn’t understand why she wants to give her fortune to Ian and the others, given that it will diminish from Jemmy’s inheritance. (And from Forbes’ own cut of the profits once Bonnet does away with Jocasta and her husband.)

She wants to give Brianna and Roger 1,000 pounds and now Forbes is too upset to write. He can’t believe how much she’s giving away. Jocasta tries to calm him, saying she had hoped he would have been chosen to join her family but it did not work out that way. She then remembers she wants to give money to her servant, Lizzie, and Forbes refuses to return to writing down her gifts.

He stands behind her, threateningly, and snarls, “You can’t give away my money!”

Jocasta is confused by his comment and doesn’t have time to react when he places a pillow over her face and tries to suffocate her. She kicks over her bell and Ulysses arrives to save her. He grabs Forbes around the neck and lifts him off the ground. He snaps Forbes’ neck before tending to Jocasta. He panics as it appears she’s dead, but she’s simply passed out. When she comes to, they grasp hands – thankful to continue to be in each other’s presence.

Jamie and Claire visit the brothel asking about Bonnet. Eppie listens as they ask about Bonnet and claims not to know him. Claire watches as Eppie walks away and notices she’s in pain. She offers to help and Eppie allows her to examine her back, hips, and legs. Claire quickly figures out one leg’s shorter than the other and comes up with an easy solution.

Claire offers to pay for the woman to have a lift made at the cobbler and then asks if she might know where Bonnet’s holed up. She explains her daughter was taken and she just wants her back so she can be reunited with her husband and small child.

Claire promises Bonnet will never learn how she came by her information. Eppie tells Claire she’ll need a boat.

Ian’s able to exchange “Malcolm’s” clothes for a boat.

Meanwhile, Brianna’s brought in front of Bonnet’s guest, Captain Howard. He doesn’t care if she’s being held against her will. In fact, that’s why he’s there. Howard sniffs her and feels her up, as he’s there to make a purchase. He even inspects her teeth with Bonnet’s help. When she bites Howard’s finger, Bonnet has to stop him from slapping her since he doesn’t own her yet.

Bonnet makes a deal, selling her for a low price. Brianna begs him not to sell her because she can’t be parted from her son. Bonnet replies, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him.”

Bonnet drags Brianna to the beach where Captain Howard meets with a couple of his men to retrieve his money. His ship’s visible at sea but too far away to help him once Jamie, Ian, Roger, and Claire make their presence known.

Brianna runs toward her family and Bonnet manages to tackle her before retreating. Ian holds the Captain at gunpoint but then allows him to leave in a small boat with one of his men.

Claire and Jamie hurry to Brianna as Roger follows Bonnet. Roger catches up to him and they roll down the sand. Roger delivers multiple blows and knocks Bonnet out.

They bind Bonnet’s hands and feet, and Roger wonders if his men will come for him. Jamie doesn’t believe so. He thinks they’ll take his ship and be happy about their freedom.

Brianna wants Bonnet to be taken to Wilmington and tried, and Roger thinks Governor Tryon would be fair even when others might be paid off. Jamie believes Tyron still owes them and will make sure Bonnet’s condemned.

Fast-forward and Bonnet has been found guilty. He’s sentenced to death by drowning. Bonnet’s handcuffed to a pole in the water as the tide rises. It’s a truly horrifying way to die – just like in his nightmares.

The crowd gathered on the shore slowly drifts away as the hours go by. Bonnet continues to struggle to keep his head above water, but it will be a losing battle. He then spots someone on the shore and a lone shot rings out. Brianna puts a bullet into his head, killing him before the sea can do the job.

She passes the rifle to Roger without a word. Roger stops her as she begins to walk away. “Brianna, was that mercy or to make sure he’s dead?” he asks. Brianna doesn’t reply.