Puppies Predict the 2016 Super Bowl Winner

Puppies Predict Super Bowl
“Puppy Predictors: Super Bowl 50” (Photo by Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

Nine adorable puppies had the difficult task of predicting whether the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers would be the winner of the Super Bowl during the February 5, 2016 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And while they overwhelmingly chose one of the two offered food bowls (I won’t spoil which one they picked), fans of the team the puppies predicted to lose shouldn’t throw in the towel quite yet. The puppies – while undeniably cute – don’t have a good track record of selecting the actual Super Bowl winner.

Fallon loves to bring puppies on the late night talk show, using them to not only predict winners but also as prizes (temporarily, at least) in his celebrity games. One of Fallon’s favorite games to play with his famous friends on The Tonight Show is Pup Quiz which finds Fallon competing against one of his guests in a quiz. For every correct answer, a puppy is placed in the winner’s lap.

Watch puppies predict the Super Bowl: