Reggie Lee Talks About ‘Grimm’ Season Four

Reggie Lee Discusses Grimm Season 4
Reggie Lee as Sgt. Wu in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Scott Green/NBC)

Reggie Lee is one of the few series regulars on NBC’s Grimm who isn’t aware of the world of Wesens and Grimms. Lee’s Sergeant Wu had an encounter with a mythical creature but after extensive therapy, he came to believe he had imagined the whole thing. Asked if he believes his character will actually come to find out the truth in the upcoming fourth season of the hit series, Lee replied, “Listen, I will tell you that in the first episode you will get some immediate gratification. The ball starts rolling. So, the questions begin – questioning myself, questioning them. What is this book? I don’t know that I’ll pose the question to them immediately, but I’ll certain pose it to certain people.”

“We’ll just have to see. But as they told me, there’s only one way it can go from here,” added Lee, laughing. “So, who knows when that will be.”

But, Lee’s not sure he really wants his character to become part of the Scooby Gang that fights Wesen. “What if everyone knows? At first I really wanted to know and then I was like, ‘Does that mean I’m just like a regular person?’ Now I’m like I almost don’t want to know.”

Of course, given the horrific events Sgt. Wu went through and the fact that his friends and co-workers didn’t tell him about the secret world when he believed he was going crazy, there could be some anger if he does find out he wasn’t delusional after all. “You’ll have to find that out. It is interesting in the way it’s written because it’s all in there, but it doesn’t come out maybe quite as like that as you think. I’m trying to circumvent the question… There will be some stuff, because how can you not? How do you pose this question to them without having some sense of anger towards them for making you think that you’re nuts? I guess they thought maybe I would go more nuts if they told me.”

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-By Rebecca Murray

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