‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 10
Tyler Blackburn as Alex and Michael Vlamis as Michael in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 1 episode 10 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2019 The CW Network)

At the end of The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season one episode nine we learned there’s another alien living among the citizens of Roswell. And not only is there a fourth alien hiding out in the town, this unknown alien is apparently a serial killer who’s murdered at least a dozen people.

Season one episode 10 begins with Max (Nathan Dean Parsons) reaching into Isobel’s pod and pulling her out. Her memories are intact, and Liz (Jeanine Mason) immediately injects her with what she hopes is the cure.

Flash-forward a few weeks and Isobel (Lily Cowles) is doing much better. Liz isn’t sure what the side effects will be, but so far everything seems stable. After Liz leaves the house, Isobel goodnaturedly makes fun of Max’s newfound happiness with Liz.

Max races out to say goodbye before Liz takes off. She’s fine being around him, but she’s still not sure how to accept being around Isobel since they still believe she killed Rosa.

Jenna (Riley Voelkel) arrives and Liz heads off to work. Jenna’s still hunting an alien killer and shows Max her research on the 14 dead people. Max wants to discuss the elephant in the room, and she accepts his apology for lying to her about being an alien all this time.

Meanwhile, Alex (Tyler Blackburn) pumps Michael (Michael Vlamis) for answers. He wants to know all about Max, Liz, and Michael’s relationship. Michael explains how he was passed around as a kid, while Max and Liz ended up with great adopted parents. Michael reveals he’s glad he ultimately ended up reuniting with his siblings.

Michael allows Alex to see his alien artifacts, confessing that if anyone is going to destroy him it might as well be Alex. He then uncovers the ship’s broken console which he’s never shown anyone before. Michael believes it’s the key to everything.

Michael explains he’s trying to find all the missing pieces, and Alex realizes Michael’s trying to find a way to return to his planet. Alex abruptly says he has to leave and after taking a seat in his truck, he pulls out the item he found at Kyle’s dad’s cabin. It’s definitely a missing piece of the console.

Next, Kyle confronts his mom about his dad’s death. Kyle knows his father didn’t die from cancer but instead considers the death suspicious. His mom still believes it was cancer and cries as she admits she wished she could have done something to save him. They also discuss Rosa, and Kyle breaks the news that Rosa Ortecho was his dad’s daughter. Kyle’s mom hands over her husband’s letters, hoping Kyle can make sense of his drawings.

Jenna and Max show up at the bar and ask Maria (Heather Hemmens) about her door stamp being on the murder victims’ arms. They only stamp on Ranchero Night, a special night that helps addicts and the disenfranchised. Ranchero Night happens twice a month. She suggests they check out racist Hank Gibbons whose band always plays on Ranchero Night for free because they’re terrible.

Jenna and Max question Hank about what he did last Cinco de Mayo. He asks if it’s about Carla, and he admits she was talking to some guy. Hank got jealous, got wasted, and wound up with a drunk and disorderly charge. Hank fought the guy, describing him as off. There was something about his eyes.

Isobel’s back at home and she adjusts her makeup, preparing for her reunion with Noah. When he arrives, she tells him there are things he needs to know. Noah pulls out a gun, confessing he saw her in an egg. He bought it because he was freaked out he’s married to an egg person. Isobel asks him to put down the gun. “I come in peace,” she says, which is what we’ve come to expect an alien to declare in order to lure you into a false sense of security.

Isobel goes over her story and Noah (Karan Oberoi) attempts to absorb it all. She admits she doesn’t know where they’re from. Noah demands to know if Isobel got into his head and made him love her. She claims she’s never used her abilities on him and that she truly, honestly loves him.

Noah, apparently deciding his wife is still his wife even if she’s an alien, says he loves her, and they kiss. Relationship sort of repaired, they prepare a picnic basket. Holding a bottle of wine brings up the memory of sitting with Rosa as she drew on a pavilion in a park. They didn’t know each other at the time, but both admit they’re sick of being who they are thought to be. Rosa doesn’t care what the town thinks of her. To prove she’s also not who people think, Isobel also draws on the pavilion. It’s the same design Max has been asking about.

Isobel tells Noah she now remembers being friends with Rosa Ortecho.

The picnic’s off (there’s snow covering the ground anyway) and Isobel accompanies his wife to the medical center to see Liz. Protesters stand outside the building and Isobel uses her alien powers to part the crowd and quiet them so they can enter the building in peace.

Isobel describes her friendship with Rosa to Liz, and Liz thinks parts of her brain that had gone dark are regenerating. That’s why she’s regaining her memories. Isobel wants to use more of the antidote so she’ll remember what she did. When Liz refuses, Isobel reminds her she could just jump into her mind and make her do it. She’s not going to resort to that because she knows how much Max cares for Liz.

Liz reluctantly agrees to give her another small dose to help kick-start her brain. As Liz is about to inject Isobel, the siren goes off and an announcement over the speakers instructs everyone to evacuate. Liz thinks it’s just an active shooter drill but then shots ring out before they can leave the lab. Noah’s hit and the trio are forced to hide hide behind a counter.

It’s Alex’s turn to visit Maria at the bar. He claims he’s having a standard run-of-the-mill boy problem, and Maria gets the feeling he’s hopeful again. She jokes that it’s not like he’s hooking up with Wyatt Long or Michael Guerin, and Alex is forced into admitting it’s Michael. Maria touches the spot on her neck where her necklace should lie and tries to assure Alex her hookup with Michael was nothing more than a drunken one-night stand. Even that wouldn’t have happened if she’d known Alex was into Michael.

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 10
Tyler Blackburn as Alex and Michael Trevino as Kyle in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 1 episode 10 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2019 The CW Network)

Alex’s next stop is to reunite with Kyle to go over his dad’s letters. Alex shows off the fragment of the UFO Kyle’s dad left in the cabin. The symbols on the fragment match the symbols on Kyle’s dad’s letters. They think maybe it’s a coded message. Alex scans it into the computer and it’s determined part of the message reads: “Hi Magoo I love you.” Magoo is Kyle’s nickname. The scan continues, finding more letters as another message appears.

Sheriff Valenti and her officers help evacuate the building as Max and Jenna arrive. Max doesn’t wait for the SWAT team to determine it’s safe and instead heads inside.

The bullet only grazed Noah and the sound of someone attempting to get in the room quiets the trio. When the lights flicker, Isobel realizes it’s Max who’s trying to enter the locked room. She lets him in and then Max leads the group outside before heading back in to locate the shooter.

The shooter trashes Liz’s lab before setting it on fire.

Max follows bloody handprints and a trail of blood through the building.

Outside, Noah’s treated by the paramedics and he’s going to be fine. Isobel admits she’s not sure Liz administered a large enough dose to revive her memories before the shooter interrupted them.

Liz is frantic because Max is still in the building, and Jenna confirms he’s not answering his radio. Liz spots smoke rising from the research wing and mutters in Spanish which Isobel overhears. It jogs her memory of being on the roof of the café with Rosa when she was fuming about how the town treated her family.

Isobel also dredges up the memory of Rosa confronting her about acting as though she doesn’t know her. Isobel apologized and admitted she wanted to be who she was with her all the time. She then recalls seeing Rosa upset about having her car graffitied.

She returns to present day and Michael rushes up, giving her a hug. He asks if she and Max are okay and learns Max is still inside the hospital.

Speaking of Max, he continues to track the blood trail warning whoever’s leaving the blood that he’s armed. He finally finds a man with a gun but with no idea why he’s got it or how he got inside the building. He remembers being outside with his Invasion of the Baby Snatchers poster but doesn’t recall entering the building or why he has a weapon. Max continues to warn him to set the gun done, and finally he does.

He claims he doesn’t like guns. He then begins convulsing.

Later, the forensic team collects evidence inside the hospital. Jenna tells Max the guy they arrested works as a barista. He draws UFOs in the foam and wouldn’t do anything like this, and Max admits the guy doesn’t remember anything. Jenna then tells Max Liz was really scared for his safety.

Isobel’s over at Michael’s place confessing she has memories of Rosa and that she believes she wanted her. Michael welcomes her to the bisexual alien party. Isobel really wants her memories back and fortunately Michael happens to have swiped some of Liz’s antidote. “Liz isn’t so bad, but I don’t trust anyone. If she’s got an alien poison, I’m going to squirrel away the antidote,” explains Michael.

Isobel drinks some and Michael stops her before she can down the whole container. Isobel’s ready to leave to go home to Noah, but Michael’s not sure that’s a wise idea given that she has this antidote inside her that will trigger suppressed murder memories. Isobel’s response: “He loves me.”

Back at the station Kyle asks his mom if Caufield means anything to her. Apparently, it’s mentioned repeatedly in his dad’s letters. It’s a prison 100 miles north of Roswell that’s been shut down for decades. It’s where Kyle’s grandfather started his career.

The bar’s closed when Michael shows up with Maria’s necklace. He fixed the clasp and wants free booze to celebrate. Maria confesses she wouldn’t have slept with him if she’d known he and Alex had a history. She sends him off without pouring a drink.

Liz finally gets a look around her trashed lab and it’s pretty much destroyed. Max joins her and she gives him a hug, glad that he seems perfectly fine. He agrees he’s okay if she’s okay. Max believes the lab was targeted because it’s the only section of the hospital that burned. Max explains a pacifist who likes doing latte art was responsible, but he doesn’t remember anything. Max believes his story that he doesn’t recall what happened.

Liz thinks the attack took place to get her serum and antidote, which are missing, and not in response to the other research that’s drawn the protesters to the building. She also believes Wyatt’s attack at the storage facility and this one by the coffee dude were perpetrated by the fourth alien getting into their minds. Both attacks occurred when the attackers were blacked out – one from drinking, the other from seizures as a result of epilepsy. Even Isobel has a history of blackouts, so one murderous mind-influencer could be behind all of this.

Liz now believes Isobel isn’t responsible for Rosa’s death. There’s someone else pulling the strings and making people do his/her bidding.

Isobel’s preparing to go to bed when she has a vision of the night Rosa died. Rosa was in the cave looking for her ticket so she could leave town. In the vision Isobel doesn’t sound like herself when she tells Rosa she doesn’t have to leave and that she took care of it. Isobel asks Rosa to come with her and then says, ‘This isn’t me, Rosa. This isn’t my body. I can be anything you want me to be.”

Whoever is in control of Isobel’s body tells Rosa he’s not Isobel. It calls itself a man, saying he wants to protect Rosa and will never leave her. The alien controlling Isobel’s body then admits he killed Rosa’s two former friends just for Rosa. Rosa tries to run from Isobel’s body and Isobel’s hand burns bright red across Rosa’s face. Saying, “Everything was for you,” Isobel tosses Rosa to the ground. Michael arrives as it happens, and Isobel’s manipulator says, “She couldn’t be trusted,” before passing out.

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